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xMatters has been working with our friends at New Relic to integrate with their new alerting functionality. The collaboration has allowed us to create a new integration that will greatly improve the experience and functionality of adding xMatters multi-channel notifications to New Relic.


To setup the integration, use the following steps.

New version available!

You can install a "built-in" version of this integration using the Integration Directory (Developer tab > Integrations). Built-in integrations are pre-configured for your xMatters: you don't need to download and import the communication plan, or follow the directions to configure xMatters as described below.

To configure this integration using the Integration Directory, see our online integration guide for New Relic here.

Configure xMatters

Before configuring the integration, create a user in xMatters that will be responsible for submitting requests from New Relic into xMatter. We recommend that you call the user "New Relic" to make them easier to identify in the logs and reports.

To begin, download the attached communication plan, (You do not need to extract the contents of the zip file.)

To import and configure your communication plan:

  1. Log in to xMatters, and then click the Developer tab.
  2. On the Communication Plans page, click Import Plan.
  3. Locate the downloaded file and import it.
  4. Once the plan is imported, click its Edit button and select Permissions.
  5. Add your New Relic user to the permitted initiators list, and then click Save.
  6. Click Edit > Forms to open the Forms tab, and then, on the New Incident form, click Edit > Layout.
  7. In the Recipients section, add the recipients that you want to receive notifications whenever a New Relic alert policy invokes this notification channel:

  1. Click Save Change, and then return to the Forms page.
  2. Click the Integration Builder tab, and expand the list of inbound integrations.
  3. Click the gear icon beside the New Relic Alerts integration, and then click Integration URL:


  1. Copy the URL to your clipboard; you will need it to configure New Relic. 

Configure New Relic

Now that xMatters is ready to receive events, you can configure New Relic to send alerts into xMatters.

To configure New Relic:

  1. Log in to New Relic, and create a new notification channel with a channel type of xMatters:


  1. Name the new channel "xMatters", just to get started.
    • You can be more specific if you create multiple channels in the future.
  2. In the Integration URL field, paste the URL of the inbound integration you copied from the xMatters Integration URL dialog box.


  1. Click Create Channel.

Test the integration

In New Relic, click Send Test Notification.

You should see a new event created in xMatters and a successful response in the Activity Stream:

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