Push notification troubleshooting

Push notifications are pop-up alerts on your mobile device that display the subject line of an incoming notification that's available in your mobile app inbox. This article provides common troubleshooting tips if you're having issues receiving xMatters push notifications on your Android or iOS device.

Make sure the xMatters app has push notifications enabled.

  • Android: In the app, Menu > Settings > Notifications > Enable push notifications.
  • iOS: In the app, Accounts > Edit Settings > Notification Settings > toggle Push Notifications.

Make sure your device is not set to block notifications from the xMatters app.

  • Android: In the Android settings, Apps > xMatters > Notifications > toggle Block All.
  • iOS: In the iPhone settings, Notifications > xMatters > Allow Notifications.

Make sure the app is on and that you are logged in.

  • Some devices or mobile operating systems may require that the app is running for push notifications to display.

For more troubleshooting information about installing and using the xMatters mobile apps, see Mobile app troubleshooting.

xMatters internal reference: DOC-5785

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