Why does my profile say I'm inactive when I'm in the system

A few of you have asked us about the little piece of your profile that shows if you're active or not. It says you're active...but it's grayed out? Some of you have told us this is confusing, and, well, we agree.


This is actually the toggle that makes you active or inactive, something you can't change – but your supervisor can (they see a green toggle). So why are we even showing it to you? We don't know. We're looking into changing it in the future. In the meantime, there are a couple of ways you can confirm that you are indeed active.

First, if you were inactive, you wouldn't see that confusing little bit of your profile since you wouldn't even be able to log in. Since you can log in, you're active.

Second, the text beside the toggle says you're active – so you're active.

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