Deleting a subscription owner's account


While trying to delete a user from the system, an error message tells me that the user owns subscriptions. How can I delete a user who owns subscriptions?


Before you can delete a user who owns subscriptions, you need to remove the subscriptions or reassign them to a different user.

  1. Log in as an Administrator, or as a user who can access “Manage Subscriptions".
  2. Locate the user you’re trying to delete and remove all roles from their profile.
  3. Click your username and select Subscriptions from the drop-down list.
  4. On the Subscriptions page, expand the Subscribed drop-down list and select Managed.

  5. Search for the user in the Owner list, or click the magnifying glass to open the Search field.
  6. Delete any subscriptions the user owns.
  7. When all subscriptions are gone, you can safely delete the user.





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