REST API Workshops

What is it?

This integration workshop is your chance to get hands-on with the xMatters REST API. We will explore the components of making REST API calls into xMatters and test drive 9 different xMatters endpoints. No experience using REST Web Services is required. An experienced xMatters consultant will provide resources and take you through the xMatters REST API in detail.

What's Required?

For best results, you'll need at least a passing familiarity with JavaScript, a nodding acquaintance with xMatters communication plans, Developer access to your favorite xMatters instance, and ability to set xMatters REST Web Service User role.

What's included?

In this workshop, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Components of REST: Authentication, Headers, Verbs, etc.
  • xMatters REST API Endpoints:
    • Get People
    • Get Who is on Call
    • Get Events
    • Get a Site
    • Create a Group
    • Modify a Group
    • Delete a Group
    • Get Device Names
    • Creating New Events
    • More…
  • Using the xMatters Postman API collection
  • Troubleshooting API Problems

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