Introductory Workshops

What is it?

This free webinar series is dedicated to demonstrating introductory xMatters concepts such as:

  • What the xMatters platform actually is and how it works
  • An overview of groups, escalations, and on-call scheduling
  • An introduction to communication plans and forms
  • A look at built-in integrations such as Splunk, Jira, AppDynamics, and New Relic

What's required?

For these free introductory workshops, nothing is required - though a basic knowledge of xMatters and the tools you'd like to integrate with would be helpful.

When are they happening?

Check our course calendar here.

Intro to xMatters

This is your introduction to the xMatters platform: what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit you. Learn how our integration platform, enriched notifications, on-call scheduling, actionable responses, and many other features can take the pain and uncertainty out of your incident resolution process.

Intro to Groups and On-Call

Learn how to ensure that team members can act quickly when problems arise using the intuitive interface and highly configurable on-call scheduling in xMatters. This course will show you how to identify on-call gaps, create assignments, and configure escalations all in one place. 

Intro to Communication Plans

What IS a communication plan? What is a form? And why do I need them? 

We'll answer all these questions and more in this look at what makes communication plans the heart and soul of your incident resolution process. Learn how to import an existing plan and modify it to suit your business needs, including custom messages, targeted response options, and a bunch of fabulous bells and whistles you didn't know you needed so badly!

Intro to Event Flood Control

Find out how intelligent event management can help not only reduce the noise and confusion around major incidents, but save your employees AND your system from repeated alert bombardment during an event flood. This course looks at our updated and enhanced event flood control feature and shows you how you and your teams can remain focused and experience fewer interruptions when you're resolving critical issues.

Intro to User Upload

This course will show you how easy it is to quickly seed your user data into xMatters so everyone on your team (or just a select few - your choice!) can log in and set up their devices and preferences. It's the fastest way to make sure xMatters knows how to contact people the way they WANT to be contacted. 

Intro to Conference Bridges

This course not only covers how to configure conference bridges in xMatters, but also illustrates how conference bridges can be so much more than just a bunch of people on a call. With xMatters, you can target only the appropriate groups and users - on their preferred devices - so you connect with the right people right away, and get right to work. 

Intro to Integrations

Each of these workshops offers an in-depth demonstration of how xMatters can integrate with the tools you're already using to guide your incident resolution process. By using our built-in configurations to provide an overview of the integration process, they offer a solid foundation for our more advanced integration workshops.

Available introductory integration courses include:

  • Intro to AppDynamics
  • Intro to BigPanda
  • Intro to Cherwell
  • Intro to Datadog
  • Intro to Dynatrace
  • Intro to Jira Cloud
  • Intro to Moogsoft
  • Intro to New Relic
  • Intro to ServiceNow
  • Intro to Slack Bot
  • Intro to SolarWinds
  • Intro to Splunk


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