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This is a cumulative change log for numbered versions and patch releases of xMatters On-Demand, identifying the updates and resolved issues included in each one.

For more information, or details about a specific bug fix, contact xMatters Client Assistance and quote the reference number associated with the entry.

A note about features...

Between our quarterly releases, only customers participating in the Early Access Program (EAP) will be able to see feature enhancements and additions, and only in their non-production environments. 

The exceptions to this general approach are updates to the mobile apps, xMatters API enhancements, and features on the Admin and Developer tab which will be released into production between quarterly releases.

Customers participating in the EAP, or interested in the mobile app and API updates, can review feature descriptions in the Defender Development Highlights article.


Production release: December 5, 2018
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Who's On Call report - exporting: Addressed an issue affecting some users in the AEST time zone, where an incorrect time zone was used when exporting the Who's On Call report was incorrect, even though the correct time zone was used in the web user interface.
Groups - user contact card: Fixed an issue on the Group Overview tab where a user's contact card would list no devices if the user ID contained a specific character.
RYL-2546 Events report - timeline: Addressed an issue where refreshing the timeline occasionally returned an error.
KAM-4615 xMatters REST API - forms: Updated the behavior of the GET /forms endpoint to include Sender Override information in the response.


Production release: November 28, 2018

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Web user interface - logging in: Fixed an issue where some users of a specific browser were encountering an "unexpected error occurred" message when attempting to log in.
Users tab - Add User button: Updated the behavior of the Users tab during page load to prevent the "Add User" button from appearing briefly for users that did not have permission to add users.

Production release: November 26, 2018

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Activity Updates - email messages: Fixed an issue where the Event Conclusion email showed "No Response" even when users selected a valid response option.
Sites - deleting: Fixed an issue where deleting groups via the xMatters REST API prevented users from deleting sites through the web user interface.
Voice call in - authentication: Corrected a password issue for one of our voice phone providers that prevented users from logging on to their accounts.


Production release: November 19, 2018
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
VOR-4306 Who's On Call report - exporting: Fixed an issue where exporting a Who's On Call report would result in missing data if the group roster included a dynamic team.
SCO-11015 Temporary absences - coverage gap warnings: Updated the behavior of the "No One On-Call" warnings to display whenever a coverage gap is created by multiple temporary absences in the same shift.
xMatters REST API - temporary absences: Fixed an issue where the POST /temporary-absences endpoint was only supporting UUIDs for recipients and not target names.
SCO-11006 Groups (cosmetic fix): Updated the behavior of the info card popup when viewing shift details to prevent it from changing size (and not displaying as many details) when selecting specific options.
xMatters REST API - performance enhancement: Upgraded some specific queries and requests used by the xMatters REST API to prevent service interruptions with certain integrations.
Web user interface - user contact cards: Fixed an issue where attempting to access a user contact card (such as on the Groups or Reports tabs) would cause a certain browser to crash.
Voice notifications - login: Fixed an issue where the phone login ID was being incorrectly parsed, preventing users from accessing voice notifications.
Activity updates - response counts: Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect counts for the various responses displayed in the Event Conclusion message.
Mobile apps - event comment callbacks: Fixed an issue where comments added to an event via the xMatters mobile app were not generating callbacks or triggering outbound integrations.
COR-10485 xMatters Agent - disconnection notices: Fixed an issue where some xMatters Agents were not properly triggering disconnected notifications when they lost connection.


Production release: November 13, 2018
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Web user interface (performance enhancement): Improved the page loading and response times when navigating in an xMatters instance with a high number of forms (more than 100).
SOAP web services - FindWhoIsOnDuty: Fixed an issue with the SOAP web services returning an "unknown fault" when attempting to retrieve information for a group containing a holiday shift.
SOAP web services - rotations: Fixed an issue where the information returned for teams with specific rotation settings was different than what was displayed in the web user interface.
LDAP - user sessions: Fixed an issue where some LDAP user sessions were expiring shortly after the user logged in.
SCO-10888 Communication plans - importing: Improved the user experience and error handling when attempting to import an out-dated communication plan.
xMatters REST API - GET /audit: Fixed an issue where the GET /audit endpoint was not returning events for the current date.
RYL-2515 Event report (cosmetic fix): Improved the appearance and handling of very long comments on the Tracking and Timeline reports in the web user interface.
Integrations - Dynatrace built-in: Improved the validation within the built-in version of the Dynatrace integration to address an issue where an overly large value for a specific property was causing runtime errors.
HOTH-7731 Conference Report (usability fix): Updated the handling for an error message popup that wasn't closing properly.
Web user interface (usability fix): Fixed an issue that was causing some users to see "An unexpected error has occurred" messages while using the web user interface.


Note: The features and functionality of the Centipede release of xMatters On-Demand will be toggled 'on' in production environments on Tuesday, November 13 at 10:00 am Pacific. Our non-feature updates and fixes will continue to be released according to our normal delivery process.

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