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This is a cumulative change log for numbered versions and patch releases of xMatters On-Demand, identifying the updates and resolved issues included in each one.

For more information, or details about a specific bug fix, contact xMatters Client Assistance and quote the reference number associated with the entry.

A note about features...

Between our quarterly releases, only customers participating in the Early Access Program (EAP) will be able to see feature enhancements and additions, and only in their non-production environments.

The exceptions to this general approach are updates to the mobile apps, xMatters API enhancements, and features on the Admin and Developer tab which will be released into production between quarterly releases.

Customers participating in the EAP, or interested in the mobile app and API updates, can review feature descriptions in the Enduro Development Highlights article.


Production release: February 19, 2019
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
SCO-11223 User Performance report (usability fix): Fixed an issue where the menu on the left side of the screen would sometimes disappear when changing the date range on the User Performance report.
Temporary absences (usability fix): Updated the circular reference checker in the temporary absence feature to allow users to swap shifts in different groups.

Production release: February 15, 2019

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
User Upload - uploading .csv files: Fixed an issue where Windows users were not able to upload .csv files to the User Upload feature.
Communication Center - "Access Denied" errors: Fixed an issue where some users with permission to view dashboards in the Communication Center were encountering error message when attempting to view the page.
Scheduled messages: Fixed an issue that was preventing some scheduled messages from firing at the correct times.
Notification suppression - failsafe devices: Fixed an issue where some duplicate subscription notifications were sent to failsafe devices when they should have been suppressed.
xMatters REST API _ GET /events: Improved the overall performance and responsiveness of the GET /events endpoint.


Production release: February 12, 2019
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Who's on call report: Fixed an issue where the report was missing group information when looking up multiple groups, which was causing the on-call information to be displayed improperly.
UTA-3380 Who's on call report: Updated the logic for shifts including a scheduled-based rotation so the report displays the correct on-call information for the requested timeframe.
COR-12457 Integration Builder - endpoints (usability fix): Updated the workflow when adding a new endpoint to make entering the endpoint name a little easier.
Subscriptions (performance enhancement): Improved system performance when sending notifications to a large number of subscribers.


Production release: February 4, 2019

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
SMS notifications - xMatters Free and Trial: Updated SMS protocol providers used on xMatters Free and Trial instances to match other production instances.
All Events report: Updated access to the All Events report so users with the permissions to see their own events can view their own historical events in addition to recent events.
Recent Events report - Timeline (performance enhancement): Updated the processing of timeline information to improve the speed of displaying the results.
RYL-2729 All Events report: Updated the search so the "Initiator contains" option now returns results without including a wildcard character.
COR-12049 Integration Builder - shared libraries: Fixed an issue where clicking on a shared library to open it in the script editor opened the first library in the list instead of the selected library.

Production release: January 31, 2019

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
KAM-4786 Outbound integrations - Event Comments trigger: Fixed an issue that was preventing outbound integrations based on the event comments trigger from firing when a comment was added to an event via the annotations endpoint in the xMatters REST API.


Production release: January 28, 2019
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Group export - device status: Fixed an issue where an exported group would not include information in the Status or Valid fields for member's devices.
Communication Center - editing dashboards: Fixed an issue where editing a dashboard's details would remove any spaces in the description.
RYL-2539  All Events Report (usability fix): Updated the All Events report so that the times shown in the Overview section are in the user's time zone.
xMatters REST API - GET /plans: Updated the GET /plans endpoint to include the communication plan's creator in the return.
Web user interface - Agents page: Improved the performance of the Agents page in the xMatters web user interface to show the correct connection state of Integration Agents.


Note: The features and functionality of the Defender release of xMatters On-Demand will be toggled 'on' in production environments on Tuesday, February 12 at 10:00 am Pacific. Our non-feature updates and fixes will continue to be released according to our normal delivery process.

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