Notification Responses trigger updates

If you're seeing a warning message in the Integration Builder that the Notification Responses trigger has been deprecated - don't worry! All of your outbound integrations that use the Notification Responses trigger still work, and they will continue to work.

Why am I seeing this message?

The reason you're seeing this message is because we've introduced a new and improved Responses trigger in Flow Designer that we encourage you to use instead. Our original message didn't explain that very clearly though, so we're updating it to say this:


'Notification Responses' vs. 'Responses' triggers

There are now two types of functioning response triggers in xMatters:

  • The Notification Responses trigger in the Integration Builder requires you to define the actions that will occur for each response choice within the integration's script. You can still create integrations that use this trigger - and you might need to if you want to use some of our packaged and community integrations.


  • The new, preferred Responses trigger in Flow Designer, where you can quickly and easily define the action for each response choice by dragging and dropping steps onto the canvas.


Flow Designer isn't able to see the individual responses you've defined in your code, so when you open the canvas for a communication plan form with a Notification Responses trigger, you'll see it labeled as deprecated:


Even though existing integrations built using the Notification Responses trigger are labeled as deprecated, they'll continue to work as they did previously and you're not required to update them to the new Responses trigger (unless you want to). You can even connect steps to your existing Notification Responses triggers to extend their functionality.

Can I convert my outbound integration to use the Responses trigger?

Yes! Converting your existing Notification Responses outbound integrations to use the Flow Designer's new Responses trigger allows you to easily build multi-step processes for each of your responses and take advantage of Flow Designer's built in apps and tools.

To convert your integration, just add the new Responses trigger to the Flow Designer canvas for your form and then build out your flows. When you add the Responses trigger to your canvas, you'll notice the deprecated trigger disappears; this doesn't mean that your outbound integration is gone - it's still fully functional and available from the Integration Builder. But it does mean that both your outbound integration and your flow will run when someone responds.

You can temporarily disable Response flows until after you've fully replicated the functionality of your Notification Responses outbound integrations in Flow Designer. After you've tested things out and are satisfied, you can then delete your older integration in favor of your new flows.

Want to know more?

For more information on Flow Designer and how you can get started, see Flow Designer 101, as well as our comprehensive overview on designing flows.

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