Intros to Integrations


What is it?

Each of these workshops offers an in-depth demonstration of how xMatters can integrate with one of the tools you're already using to guide your incident resolution process. By using our built-in configurations to provide an overview of the integration process, they offer a solid foundation for our more advanced integration workshops.

From the many, many, many options available, we currently offer introductory courses for the following integrations:

What's required?

For these free introductory workshops, nothing is required - though a basic knowledge of xMatters and the tools you'd like to integrate with would be helpful.

When are they happening?

Check our course calendar here. 

What can I do with this?

These workshops are a great foundation for understanding toolchains, and how to add value to your xMatters instance. The only danger here is that taking these workshops might encourage you to play around with Flow Designer (or even attend a Flow Designer workshop!) and once you see how easy it is to automate incident management to reduce complexity and mean-time-to-resolution, you might get hooked.

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