Galaga Development Highlights & Support Notes

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We're hard at work on our next quarterly release, Galaga, which will be rolling out in the Oct/Nov2019 time frame. Please follow this article and its comments to receive updates throughout the quarter about new features and functionality that we're working on for the Galagarelease.

Customers interested in previewing new features before they're released can opt into our Early Access Program (EAP), which delivers new features into non-production environments as they're rolled off the assembly line.

We'll also use this document to capture highlights of additions and updates to our mobile platforms and the xMatters REST API.

Deployment Details

For more information on how a feature in this article works, click the online help links embedded in each topic. As with any of our Community articles, you can click any image or animated GIF to see a larger version.

Support Notes

For a list of additional changes made in each deployment that are not covered in the Development Highlights, see the On-Demand support notes included below each highlight. While most features will be added to production environments as part of our quarterly releases, the support notes typically describe fixes, which can sometimes affect product behavior.

September 9-13, 2019

Flow Designer: Step sharing updates

Availability: Now in On-Demand

In the Frogger release, we introduced new step sharing capabilities that allow you to specify which users or groups can use or edit a custom step or HTTP trigger. We've expanded step sharing to include roles, and we've improved the usability of configuring usage permissions.

Let's see it in action

As shown in the animated GIF below, when you create a new step or HTTP trigger, it's available only to the step owner (it's not shared). To make the step accessible to all, you can assign permissions to a new "All Users" recipient type. This is useful if you'd like a step to be available for all users to use, while adding a limited number of other users, groups, or roles that can edit the step's settings. Later, you may decide to remove the All Users option and assign use permissions to specific users, groups, or roles.


Recipients are organized by their level of usage permissions, so you'll see all the recipients who have the higher-level edit permission at the top of the list, followed by those with lower-level use permissions.

If you decide to revoke usage permissions for a recipient (by clicking the 'x' next to their name and removing them from the list), they'll be prevented from adding or editing the step further. While this won't break or remove the step from any of their flows, they'll be unable to change the step's settings from the canvas.

Flow Designer: Deprecate & withdraw steps

Availability: Now in On-Demand

Our step versioning system now allows you to phase out and remove older steps as newer ones become available, using the following additional lifecycle stages:

  • Deprecated - still available for sharing, but scheduled for withdrawal. The planned withdrawal date is displayed as a warning to users on the step configuration screen.
  • Withdrawn - no longer available for use in flows and will cause errors when the step executes.

What happens when I deprecate a step?

When you deprecate a version of a step, flows can continue to use that version, but it will no longer available from the palette. The configuration screen for a deprecated version displays a recommendation to update to a newer version, and you can optionally set a withdrawal date. Setting a planned withdrawal date lets users know how long they have to update to a newer version before the version they're currently using stops working and their flow breaks:


But you're not done yet!

Versions are not automatically withdrawn on the planned withdrawal date. To withdraw a version, you must manually change its current state in the step configuration to "Withdrawn":


Flow Designer: HTTP trigger versioning

Availability: Now in On-Demand

Our versioning system now also extends to HTTP trigger steps! This is great because it means you can adapt your HTTP triggers to meet the constantly changing needs of the real world without disrupting your flows. Like custom steps, you can have multiple versions of an HTTP trigger deployed while others are still in development or have been deprecated and scheduled for withdrawal. For more information about versioning, see Manage step versions.

Mobile: iOS 3.25

Availability: Now from the App Store

We recently released a new version of the iOS xMatters app, which includes the following updates:

  • More accurate group search. The app now returns groups that match all of your search criteria. In other words, it's been updated to use AND instead of OR when multiple search terms are provided (for example: searching for "Database Admin" returns the Database Admins group, but not the Administrators group).
  • Mobile-only users. The app now supports custom roles for mobile-only users that you can use to restrict users from editing or adding other device types to their account.

Support notes (week of Sept 9-13)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Android mobile app: Fixed an issue causing users to be repeatedly logged out of the app.
Trials: Updated the logic when an inactive trial instance is converted to an xMatters Free instance.
COR-17234 xMatters REST API - devices: Updated the permissions to view and act on devices to align with those in the web user interface.
ACTO-2642 xMatters Agent (usability fix): Updated the web user interface to display a message when a user without the necessary permissions tries to edit the list of registered users for an agent.
Flow Designer (usability fix): Fixed an issue where the scroll bar was not appearing on the custom step tab of the palette in Flow Designer, preventing users from seeing the full list in systems with a large number of custom steps.
COR-18002 Recent Events report (usability fix): Fixed an issue causing multiple scroll bars to appear in the results list when searching the Recent Events report.
COR-18249 Communication Plans - editing properties (usability fix): Improved the message displayed when a user tries to edit a hierarchy property that is used by a subscription form.
COR-18013 Flow Designer (cosmetic fix): Fixed the placement of the close icon.
COR-17367 Who's On Call report - export (usability fix): Improved the reporting of temporary absences without a replacement in the exported Who's On Call report.
COR-17438 iOS app (performance enhancement): Updated the app to improve the experience of moving from an old device to a new one.
COR-17674 iOS app (usability fix): Updated the display of system messages in the inbox to clarify which system communication plan sent the message.
COR-17405 iOS app (cosmetic fix): Updated the app to fix some misalignment on the My Schedule screen.
COR-18239 Web User Interface: Updated a subset of pages to fix an issue where Internet Explorer 11 users could no longer click items after selecting some check boxes in a list.

September 2-6, 2019

Flow Designer: Jira Server Add Comment

Availability: Now in On-Demand

We just added another Jira Server step to Flow Designer! Use the new Add Comment step to automatically add a comment to an issue record, either as an internal comment or as a published comment visible to the customer, adding information from the signal source or previous steps in the flow.


Integration Directory: ServiceNow 5.4

The latest version of the xMatters application for ServiceNow - certified with Kingston, London, Madrid, and now New York - is available from the ServiceNow Store. This latest release includes the following updates:

  • The data sync now properly removes synced groups from xMatters when the group is removed in ServiceNow.
  • We updated the Engage with xMatters behavior so corresponding events in xMatters are terminated when closing an Engage with xMatters record, and to address an issue that was causing some requests involving Mid-Server to run for a long time.

For upgrade or installation instructions, feature and update descriptions, and a list of issues addressed in recent releases, see the integration guide here.

Support notes (week of Sept 2-6)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
All Events report - User Delivery: Updated the User Delivery section of the All Events report to properly display user names that contain special characters.
SMS messaging - responses: Fixed an issue where some users in China would encounter "Invalid Response" messages when sending a response choice that required two digits. 

August 26-30, 2019

New in-country SMS numbers

We've identified two additional 'hot spots' and have added in-country SMS codes for Argentina and Italy... Hola! Ciao! This brings our grand total to 38 countries. See the complete list of countries that we currently support.

xMatters REST API: Get dynamic teams

Availability: Now in the xMatters REST API

We've enhanced the xMatters REST API with new endpoints that you can use to programmatically look up dynamic teams:

You have the option to embed a dynamic team's supervisors and observers with the response; for example: GET /dynamic-teams?embed=supervisors,observers. (You can't embed the members of a dynamic team because they're determined at the time of an event depending on who matches selected criteria.)

xMatters REST API: Response option translations

Availability: Now in the xMatters REST API

Do you have messages and responses configured in more than one language? If you're interested in retrieving response options based on a user's preferred language, you can now include translations when you embed responseOptions with your request to GET /events or GET /plans:

This returns the configured translations for each response option, including a two-letter code that indicates the language of each response.

xMatters REST API: Events or audits after and before

Availability: Now in the xMatters REST API

You can now use the at parameter for GET /events and GET /audits to search for historical data after and before specific points in time. For example, the following query would return events that occurred after 8 am on Jan 27, 2018, but before 8 am on June 30, 2018:

GET /events?at=2018-11-02T08:00:00.000Z&after=2018-01-27T08:00:00.000Z&before=2018-06-30T08:00:00.000Z 

How is this different than 'from' and 'to'?

If you'd like your query to return objects inclusive of the start and end times, you can use the at parameter with 'from' and 'to' instead (for example, from=2018-01-27T08:00:00.000Z&to=2018-06-30T08:00:00.000Z brings back any events initiated at or past 8 am on Jan 27, 2018 up to and including 8 am on June 30, 2018.)

xMatters REST API: Sort audits

Availability: Now in the xMatters REST API

We've added the ability to sort audit records by their creation timestamp, which makes it easier to look up the most recent record. You can use the sortOrder parameter to sort audits in either 'ASCENDING' or 'DESCENDING' order - if you don't specify which, they'll be sorted in ascending order.

Support notes (week of Aug 26-30)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-16431 iOS xMatters App: Fixed an issue where users who had responded to a notification on their Apple watch were not receiving subsequent notifications on the watch.
COR-16833 Built-in integrations - flows: Fixed an issue that caused certain flow steps to return errors when building flows on the Flows tab in a configuration.
COR-16983 xMatters REST API - on-call: Fixed an issue that resulted in incomplete member information being returned when using the GET /on-call endpoint.
Web user interface: Fixed an intermittent issue causing the web user interface to not load properly when slower network speeds resulted in components loading in the incorrect order.
Event report - Properties: Fixed an issue where the Properties report would occasionally return a blank recipient UUID.
Flow Designer - authentication: Fixed an issue that was preventing users from setting the authentication type of a custom step to "Allow Any".
Flow Designer - Create Event step: Updated the logic for numeric properties with no minimum or maximum defined to address an issue caused when the Create Event step initiated an event but the value for the numeric property was not specified.
xMatters REST API - people: Updated the POST /people to allow the timezone parameter to accept a time zone name as a value to fix an issue causing errors when updating a person.
Devices: Fixed an issue where some devices were being disabled because they weren't being recognized as valid.
Communication plans - export: Updated the import / export of communication plans so the necessary flow components are all exported.

August 19-23, 2019

xMatters REST API: Add and modify communication plan properties

Availability: Now in the xMatters REST API

The xMatters REST API previously gave you the ability to get information about the properties in your communication plans. The following new endpoints now let you add and modify properties as well:

Flow Designer: BMC Remedy ITSM & Jira Server

Availability: Now in On-Demand

We've just added four new built-in steps to Flow Designer! These built-in steps for BMC Remedy ITSM and Jira Server are the first that you can configure to run behind the firewall on the xMatters Agent:

bmc-remedy-create-incident.png BMC Remedy ITSM Create Incident - automatically create a new incident in BMC Remedy.
bmc-remedy-update-incident.png BMC Remedy ITSM Update Incident - automatically update an existing incident record and information changes.
jira-server-create-issue.png Jira Server Create Issue - automatically create a new issue in Jira Server.
jira-server-update-issue.png Jira Server Update Issue - automatically update an existing issue record as information changes.

Support notes (week of Aug 19-23)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Flow Designer - email initiation (usability): Updated the Email trigger in Flow Designer to accept valid sender addresses regardless of whether uppercase or lowercase is used when sending the email.
COR-17593 User Upload (usability): Updated the User Upload page to support sorting of User Upload jobs of the columns.
Android xMatters app: Fixed an issue that was causing the app to shut down unexpectedly and not process a push notification if the user upgraded to the latest version of the app and received the push notification before opening the updated app for the first time.
Messaging - scheduled messages: Fixed an issue that resulted in changes to a scheduled message not being saved if it was changed multiple times.
COR-16980 Flow Designer - HTTP trigger (usability): Updated the HTTP trigger setup dialog to provide confirmation when the URL is copied.
COR-17325 Admin - company details (usability): Improved validation for the URLs entered into the Single Sign On URL field.
Communication Center - dashboards (usability): Updated the Communication Center so users without permission to manage dashboards are not presented with those menu options.
Profile - Devices (usability): Fixed an issue where locked devices did not drop into the expected position when reordering them via drag-and-drop.
All Events report - filtering: Fixed an issue resulting in users not being able to filter the report by the available search options.
COR-17347 Setup Guide (usability): Updated the Setup Guide to take users to the applicable area in the application when clicking on a step.
 COR-17404 Trial - Admin tab: Fixed an issue that caused an error to display when navigating to the Admin tab in a new trial company.

About the early access delivery process

Customers can choose to opt their non-production environments into an Early Access Program (EAP) to see new functionality before it's released. If you're considering signing up for the early access program, there are a couple of important things to know:

  • Enrollment in EAP can be turned on any time through a support request.
  • Exiting EAP can only be done on quarterly boundaries (you cannot opt in and out between quarterly releases).

For full details, refer to the official On-Demand Deployment Process & Early Access article.

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  • 0
    Karla Poplawski

    Highlights and support notes added for week of August 26-30, 2019:

    Updates include:

    • New in-country SMS numbers for Argentina and Italy
    • xMatters REST API: Get dynamic teams, response option translations, events or audits after or before, sort audits
  • 0
    Karla Poplawski

    Highlights and support notes added for week of September 2-6, 2019:

    Updates include:

    • New step for Flow Designer: Jira Server - Add Comment
    • Integration Directory: ServiceNow 5.4
  • 0
    Karla Poplawski

    Highlights and support notes added for week of September 9-13, 2019:

    Updates include:

    • Flow Designer: step sharing updates, withdraw and deprecate steps, HTTP trigger versioning
    • iOS mobile app version 3.25 (more accurate group search, support for mobile-only user role)
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