Integration Agent: TCP ports used by xMatters

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What TCP ports does xMatters use?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


xMatters uses the following TCP ports to communicate with the Integration Agent

  • Port 443 - used to communicate with xMatters instance (external)
  • Port 2010 - should be open on <localhost>
  • Port 8081 – default port for Service Gateway (used to communicate with the integration)
  • Port 8082 - listens for requests from IAdmin

You can configure the Service Gateway port by modifying the following line in the conf/IAConfig.xml file: 

<service-gateway ssl="false" port="8081"/>

After modifying the file, be sure to restart the Integration Agent. For more information about the available options in the IAConfig.xml file, see Integration Agent configuration files in the online help.

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