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I've set up my xMatters account and am ready to use it with the existing tools in my system. How do I connect xMatters with what I already have?


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You can connect xMatters  with the existing tools in your system by creating integrations. This video and the instructions below describe the three main steps of creating an integration:

  1. Select a communication plan: Select which communication plan to use for the integration.
  2. Create the integration: Create an integration (in this example outbound, but you can create inbound integrations, too) to connect your tools to xMatters.
  3. Test the integration: Trigger an event to check the integration works properly.

Select a communication plan

  1. Click the Developer tab to see a list of communication plans available for your company.
  2. Click the Edit menu on the right and select Integration Builder.

Create the integration

The following steps describe how to create an integration in the xMatters user interface. You will need a webhook request tool external to xMatters to generate the URL required for the integration.

  1. Add.
  2. Select a form and choose Event comments as the trigger.
  3. Under Actions, select Send a webhook.
  4. Click Edit Endpoints, then Add Endpoint.
  5. Give the new endpoint a name, paste the URL created in your webhook request tool, and Save the new endpoint.
  6. Select your endpoint, give your outbound integration a name and click Create Outbound Integration.

Test the integration

  1. Go to the Messaging tab and select the communication plan form used to build the integration.
  2. Set yourself as the recipient of the message, fill in any required form fields and click Send Message.
  3. When you receive the notification, select a response from the list of options.
  4. Review your webhook tool and the Event report to ensure the integration works properly.

The video covers things very quickly, but that's okay because we're here to help! For more information, see our Integration Builder online help which describes how to create both inbound and outbound integrations.

If you don't want to build your own integration we have a library of designed and fully tested integrations. Each integration listed contains a detailed configuration walk through.

Want to include other tools in your integration and really build out your workflow? Check out the drag & drop functionality of Flow Designer.

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