xMatters 101

Got questions about xMatters?

Whether you're a new customer, a new admin, or a new user, you're probably wondering what's the best way to get started. Maybe you find yourself asking someone any of the following questions:

  • What resources are available to new users?
  • Where can new admins go to find out about configuration options?
  • Who do I ask about this feature I want to use?
  • Where can I find instructional videos?
  • Who took my cheese?
  • Where can I find training courses?

We've got answers!

If you have 30 minutes to spare, but don't want to watch a demo or a sales pitch, we'd like to invite you to xMatters 101.

Come join a free online workshop, led by a real live person! (We don't bite!) We'll show you all of the resources available to you, including online documentation, community forums, learning materials, online training, and even our xMatters Certification options. You can even ask questions of our resident xPerts if there's anything we don't cover.

So if you don't have a lot of time and need your answers fast, check out our xMatters 101 training sessions and sign up today to get started on your xMatters adventure.

See you in the session!

- The xMatters Onboarding team



PS - We don't know who took your cheese, but we have our suspicions. (It was Matt.)


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