Mobile-only users


Is it possible to create mobile-only users in xMatters?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


Some of our customers prefer to limit their users' access in the xMatters web user interface. Sometimes they want their users to have just enough permissions to be able to sign and add the mobile app and other devices; other times they prefer to restrict their users exclusively to the xMatters mobile app.

It's possible to create custom roles for your mobile users, depending on whether you want them to be able to add and edit other devices types to their account, or be limited to just the mobile app:

  • 'Standard' mobile user - can add and edit the mobile app and other devices from the app and the web user interface.
  • Restricted mobile app only user - can log into the app with their host name, but are unable to add other devices to their account.

For help setting up one of these roles for your mobile users, contact xMatters Support.


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