Managing device types in xMatters


Is it possible to add/remove/change the device types seen in xMatter? For example, can I add more e-mail devices? Can I rename Office Phone to Office Mobile?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


By opening a Support ticket, our Customer Support team can assist in making these kinds of modifications (except on Free and Trial environments). There are a few rules however:

1) We cannot rename a device type. We can add one or remove one and it can be named most anything reasonable.

2) Before we can remove a device type, all users that have a device associated to them of that type must have that device removed from their profile. The most efficient way to look at this would be to do a user export from the Users tab, sort the data by device type and see how many exist or search the CSV for the device type in question. This can be updated to remove the devices from useres then use the User Import task to update the environment. Note - if users are brought in via a user sync this would be a situation where the devices need to be removed by the user sync then removed from any configurations to set them.

3) The types of devices we can create are still limited by the main types: SMS, Phone, e-mail, pager


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