Understanding Failed to Connect messages in xMatters logs


When looking through xMatters logs, I sometimes see an error:

Failed to Connect. Call result: UNREACHABLE. The called party was unreachable, due to a 403 forbidden, 404 not found, or anything between 501 and 599.

What does this mean?


All versions of xMatters on Demand


This error message is often an indicator of a problem with a telecommunications provider. Providers routinely pass the errors on to xMatters and we populate the logs. When an error is received from the provider, xMatters retries the call. More often than not the error is temporary and the call goes through on the retry.

Below is a list of common errors related to telephone calls:

403: The request is understood, but was not completed because the call was rejected by the receiver.

404: The user does not exist at the domain specified in the Request-URI. This status is also returned if the domain in the Request-URI does not match any of the domains handled by the recipient of the request.

501: The request is not supported and cannot be fulfilled.

Most often the errors happen once and are resolved by the carrier without intervention.  If you see persistent errors, please Submit a Request with xMatters Customer Support.

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