How to add a new property to a Workflow form


How do I create or change a property in my messaging forms?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


The following steps can be taken to create a new property and add them to a form in a workflow:

  1. Click on Workflows.
  2. Select the Workflow your form is in.
  3. Click on the properties tab.
  4. Remove the property you want to replace if needed. (optional)
  5. Click Create Property.
  6. Select the property type and Click Next.
  7. Change all applicable fields and when done click Create Property.
  8. Click on the Forms tab.
  9. Click Edit and then Layout for the form you need to edit.
  10. Find the property you just created from the Properties panel on the right.
  11. Click and drag the property onto the layout section and drop it where desired (and where it will let you),
  12. Once property is within the layout, click Save Changes.


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