Working with the xMatters mobile app and Do Not Disturb settings


How can we control whether or not the mobile app can override the device's Do Not Disturb mode? It's important so we don't miss critical alerts!


All versions of xMatters On-Demand, Mobile app for Android


The Android mobile app can already do this. By going to the app's settings (open the app > Settings > Notification Settings> System Settings) you can see options on how to treat High/Medium/Low priority events. By digging into each of those settings you can:

  • Set the style for the alert (Sound and pop-up, Sound, Silent or Silent and minimized)
  • Set the sound you want to hear
  • Turn vibrate on/off
  • Blink the light on the device on/off
  • Show an app icon badge
  • How to treat a locked screen (show content, hide content or don't show notifications)
  • Ignore Do not disturb <<< this specifically is your target. Turn this on and DnD will be overridden.

For the iOS mobile app this is still being worked on as an upcoming feature so no specific steps can be provided at this time.


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