Indy Development Highlights & Support Notes

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We're hard at work on our next quarterly release, Indy, which will be rolling out in the May/June 2020 time frame. Please follow this article and its comments to receive updates throughout the quarter about new features and functionality that we're working on for the Hogan's Alley release.

Customers interested in previewing new features before they're released can opt into our Early Access Program (EAP), which delivers new features into non-production environments as they're rolled off the assembly line.

We'll also use this document to capture highlights of additions and updates to our mobile platforms and the xMatters REST API.

Deployment Details

For more information on how a feature in this article works, click the online help links embedded in each topic. As with any of our Community articles, you can click any image or animated GIF to see a larger version.

Support Notes

For a list of additional changes made in each deployment that are not covered in the Development Highlights, see the On-Demand support notes included below each highlight. While most features will be added to production environments as part of our quarterly releases, the support notes typically describe fixes, which can sometimes affect product behavior.

March 30-April 3, 2020

Help Resources: 'Let's get integrating' guide

You don't need to be a developer to integrate other tools with xMatters and build automated toolchains. xMatters makes building and managing incident management workflows accessible to everyone - whether you think ‘code’ is a four-letter word, or you dream in functions and methods.

Our new Let's get integrating guide is a great starting point for integrating with xMatters, regardless of your skill level. It's loaded with great tips & tricks and additional resources to help you progress along your integration journey. Be sure to bookmark this go-to reference today!

xMatters REST API: New GET /people query parameters

Want to be more selective when you're searching for users? We've enhanced the GET /people endpoint with two new query parameters that you can use along with the search parameter to create more specific searches:

  • GET /people?search={term}&operand=AND - If you're using multiple search terms, you can include the operand parameter with 'AND' to narrow your search to users that contain all of the terms across any of their search fields (first name, last name, target name, web login, email, and phone number).
    • For example, GET /people?search=in dy&operand=AND would return the users that contain both 'in' and 'dy', like Inidya Sharma, Andy Plain, and Betty Smith (whose email address is '').
  • GET /people?search={term}&fields={term} - If it's only specific fields you're interested in searching (like first name or last name), you can use the fields parameter.
    • For example, GET people?search=don jack&fields=FIRST_NAME,LAST_NAME returns users whose first or last name contains the terms don or jack (like Tom Donalds, or Jack Gardner).
    • FYI, if you added operand=AND to this request, xMatters would return users that contain both 'don' and 'jack' across the specified fields (like Don Jackson and Jackson Donald).

Support notes (week of Mar 30-Apr 3)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Messaging - adding recipients (usability fix): Adjusted the sensitivity on the Available Recipients drop-down menu so clicking anywhere in the menu opens it properly.
COR-24832 Messaging tab (cosmetic fix): Corrected an issue where an error message was not appearing with its associated field on the screen.
COR-23293 All Events Report (cosmetic fix): Adjusted the Message Subject field to truncate when the subject is longer than the size of the available row.
Jira Cloud integration: Fixed an issue where the "Engage with xMatters" window did not load properly.
COR-24963 Flow Designer - Responses trigger (cosmetic fix): Fixed an issue that caused response options to be misaligned.
xMatters REST API - POST /plans/{planId}/integrations: Corrected an issue that prevented users from including a script in their integration.
COR-24948 Event Flood Control - Create a rule (usability fix): Corrected an issue that displayed previously entered, unsaved data in the name field.
COR-24947 Event Flood Control (cosmetic fixes): Tweaked a couple of minor layout and positioning items on the Event Flood Control page.
COR-24925 Invite Users window (usability fix): Corrected an issue that caused the Invite Users window to appear incorrectly in some browsers at a specific screen resolution.
xMatters REST API - GET /on-call: Fixed an issue where shift members were displayed in an incorrect rotation order.
COR-24891 Company Details (cosmetic fix): Corrected an issue where an error message was not appearing with its associated field on the screen.
All Events report - Notification Statistics: Fixed an issue where the Notification Statistics and User Delivery pages displayed different user counts for the "Failed" delivery status.
All Events report - User Delivery: Corrected an issue that prevented the All Events report from properly displaying results for one of the search filters.
COR-24424 User Upload report (cosmetic fix): Fixed an issue where an incorrect message was displayed when users set the "from" date to be after the "to" date.

March 23-27, 2020

Workflows: Datadog configuration improvements

It's now even easier to integrate with Datadog! We've updated the configuration screen of our Datadog built-in workflow with a new section that includes a JSON payload. You can copy and paste this payload into Datadog's "Custom Payload" field to simplify the integration's configuration, and to make more Datadog information available in xMatters notifications:


If you have an existing Datadog built-in workflow, you'll see that we've also updated your configuration screen with this new section. You can paste the payload into any of your existing Datadog webhooks for xMatters.

Support notes (week of Mar 23-27)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Historical On Call report (performance enhancement): Improved responsiveness when generating reports involving large groups.
Communication Center - sharing dashboards: Updated the permissions for shared dashboards so only the owner of a shared dashboard can make changes or delete the dashboard.
xMatters REST API - dynamic team: Fixed an issue that prevented the removal of observers from dynamic teams
COR-22656 xMatters REST API - Shift member escalation type: Corrected an issue where the incorrect escalation type was assigned to members of a shift.
EventStatus callback user: Fixed an issue where the EventStatus callback user provided information on the event initiator rather than the user who terminated the event.
xMatters REST API - GET /event/{eventID}/recipients: Fixed an issue where the return did not include deleted recipients.
All Events report: Corrected an issue that prevented some data from displaying properly to users.
Flow Designer - email trigger: Corrected an issue where the sender's email address wasn't used properly used in the email.sender step output.
COR-24199 Flow Designer - custom steps (cosmetic fix): Fixed an issue that truncated the drop down menus for custom steps in the palette.
COR-24165 Groups - Who's On Call: Fixed an issue that prevented the user from seeing all group members in a shift.
xMatters REST API - GET /forms: Updated the GET /forms endpoint to prevent it from incorrectly returning forms for system workflow plans.
All Events report - Notifications: Updated the All Events report so users without devices are properly reported in the notification metrics as "failed".
All Events report - User Delivery: Fixed an issue where the User Delivery tab and exported report displayed incorrect information in the First Delivery column.
iOS mobile app - scenarios: Corrected an issue that prevented valid users from opening a scenario if they didn't have permission to access to the form.
Android mobile app - My Schedule: Improved application performance for users with complex schedules.
Android mobile app: Fixed an issue that was preventing users from being able to properly modify order and delays for externally owned devices.
xMatters Agent - proxy configuration: Corrected an issue that caused the xMatters Agent to make an extra request when routed through a proxy server.
Messaging - Scenarios: Fixed an issue that was redirecting users to the Workflows tab when attempting to send a message.

March 16-20, 2020

xMatters REST API: Find groups by supervisor

Want to look up all the groups that someone supervises? Well, you can now do this programmatically using the xMatters REST API! We've added a new supervisors query parameter to GET /groups that you can use to return the groups that a person supervises by specifying their target name or ID. For example:

  • GET /groups?supervisors=asamara - returns all the groups Ali Samara supervises.
  • GET /groups?supervisors=6f347364-8dc7-4871-819b-e3e7dbfda2de - returns all the groups Mary McBride supervises (using her UUID).

When two or more supervisors are sent in the request, the response includes groups for which any of the specified users is a supervisor:

  • GET /groups?supervisors=asamara,6f347364-8dc7-4871-819b-e3e7dbfda2de - returns all the groups that either Ali Samara or Mary McBride supervise.

xMatters REST API: Search past events by priority

If you're using Get /events to look up past events in your system, you can now narrow down your results by searching by priority (LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH). For example:
  • Get /events?at={timestamp}&priority=HIGH - returns any high priority events in your system at the specified point in time.
  • Get /events?at={timestamp}&priority=HIGH,MEDIUM - returns all the high and low priority events in your system at the specified point in time.

Support notes (week of Mar 16-20)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
User profile - Subscriptions page: Fixed an issue where the Subscriptions page would display the subscription details only for subscription owners and not subscribers.
Workflows - editing scenarios: Fixed an issue where attempting to edit a scenario on the Workflows page would cause an error.
COR-21835  Responses - redirects: Fixed an issue where configured URL redirects would not work properly for responses submitted after an "Escalate" response.
 COR-24262 iOS mobile app - My Schedule: Fixed an issue where the mobile app would intermittently not load more dates when scrolling down to the bottom of the My Schedule page.
COR-24344  iOS mobile app - comments (cosmetic fix): Adjusted the placement of the submit button when adding comments to a response so it won't overlap the text field.
Historical On Call report: Fixed an issue where the Historical On Call report would sometimes return multiple instances of the same shift.
Workflows - custom properties: Fixed an issue where recipients would fail to populate correctly if the workflow included a custom property named "recipients".
 COR-23757 Flow Designer (usability fix): Fixed an issue where Flow Designer would display an error when attempting to reload or refresh a new canvas that had not been saved yet. 
 COR-24291 All Events report - Message tab: Updated the Message tab on the All Events report to display the correct web login value for recipients.
Integration Builder - inbound authentication: Fixed an issue where the Trigger URL for some inbound integrations was not updating automatically when selecting a different authenticating user.
 COR-24436 Event Flood Control - suppressed events: Fixed an issue where certain property types were not displayed as property matches when viewing details for a suppressed event.
Groups - DST warnings: Fixed an issue where warnings about upcoming shift gaps or overlaps due to Daylight Saving Time changes were not being displayed for applicable groups.
 COR-24615 Subscriptions - permissions: Fixed an issue where some permissions to act on a subscription were not enforced after the subscription was shared with other users.

About the early access delivery process

Customers can choose to opt their non-production environments into an Early Access Program (EAP) to see new functionality before it's released. If you're considering signing up for the early access program, there are a couple of important things to know:

  • Enrollment in EAP can be turned on any time through a support request.
  • Exiting EAP can only be done on quarterly boundaries (you cannot opt in and out between quarterly releases).

For full details, refer to the official On-Demand Deployment Process & Early Access article.

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    Karla Poplawski

    Highlights and support notes added for week of March 23-27, 2020:

    Updates include:

    • Workflows: Datadog configuration improvements
  • 0
    Karla Poplawski

    Highlights and support notes added for week of March 30-April 3, 2020:

    Updates include:

    • Help Resources: 'Let's get integrating' guide
    • xMatters REST API: New GET /people query parameters
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