Bypassing the "Do Not Disturb" setting on a mobile device


Is it possible to notify a mobile device that is set to "Do Not Disturb", or override a phone set to silent/vibrate? 


All versions of xMatters 


Yes, but it can only be done by the user at device level. Currently, only Android allows this. 

For voice notifications, you can either:

  • Add xMatters as a contact on your device, then configure it to override the "Do Not Disturb" settings; or,
  • Set up xMatters as an emergency contact, which will automatically override any "Do Not Disturb" settings.

For the mobile app, you will need to enable a notification override by going to: SettingsApps and NotificationsApp InfoxMattersApp NotificationEnable Override.

For more information about the xMatters mobile app for users, see: Ready, set, xMatters mobile app.

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