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When I'm sending SMS notifications to my employees located in India, how can I ensure that xMatters SMS notifications are delivered to users using the appropriate channels?


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Earlier this year, the Indian regulatory organizations that oversee SMS delivery, including the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), implemented a new regulation that splits SMS traffic between domestic and international routes. This was intended to reduce the amount of phishing attempts and unsolicited messages (spam), but it's caused some confusion for customers in the region and may have resulted in some delays or loss of messages mistakenly flagged as spam.

You can tell which routes your messages are using by the number that they appear to be sent from. Notifications sent using the international routes come from a number that starts with "5" - but not always the same number, and not all messages from that number will be from xMatters. Your users might see a valid, targeted message from xMatters coming from the same number as a spam message or worse, a phishing attempt. 

xMatters notifications sent via the domestic routes will all arrive from the "XMTTRS" display name, and will not be mixed with other messages. 

To use the domestic routes, you must be registered as a domestic entity in India, which identifies you as a trusted source or receiver of SMS messages. The requirements to qualify as a legal entity might vary depending on your specific provider or region, but you will need such things as an Indian certificate of incorporation, proof of address within the country, a goods and services tax number, and Permanent Account Number (PAN Card).

Unfortunately, we are unable to register on your behalf - the rules require that the message initiator or, in the case of outsourced services, the receiver register in order to prove that they have a legal presence in India.

You, or your outsource partner, can register through one of the following portals:

Once you have registered, let us know and we'll follow up with our providers to ensure your xMatters notifications are sent as domestic SMS.



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