Krull Development Highlights & Support Notes

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We're hard at work on our next quarterly release, Krull, which will be rolling out in the Jan/Feb 2021 timeframe. Please follow this article and its comments to receive updates throughout the quarter about new features and functionality that we're working on for the Krull release.

Customers interested in previewing new features before they're released can opt into our Early Access Program (EAP), which delivers new features into non-production environments as they're rolled off the assembly line.

We'll also use this document to capture highlights of additions and updates to our mobile platforms and the xMatters REST API.

Deployment Details

For more information on how features in this article work, click the online help links embedded in each topic. As with any of our Community articles, you can click any image or animated GIF to see a larger version.

Support Notes

For a list of additional changes made in each deployment that are not covered in the Development Highlights, see the On-Demand support notes included below each highlight. While most features will be added to production environments as part of our quarterly releases, the support notes typically describe fixes, which can sometimes affect product behavior.

November 16-20, 2020

Initiate incidents from Slack

Does your team live and breathe in Slack? If so, you'll love to hear you can now use the xMatters bot to initiate incidents in xMatters – without leaving Slack!

Use the /xMatters initiate command to provide basic information about the incident and select which Slack conversation to post details about the incident in after it's created:


Once the incident is initiated in xMatters, the bot posts a message with information about the incident to the conversation you selected:


Add an incident to a Microsoft Teams meeting

We've been working closely with Microsoft as it launches its new meeting extensibility capabilities, which add support for apps in online meetings. You can now add an xMatters tab to your meetings to keep your team up to date on incident details and collaborate on incidents without leaving your online meetings:


Update incidents from meetings

When you update the incident's severity, status, or description from your meeting, this information is automatically updated for the incident in xMatters:


Support notes (week of November 16-20)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
xMatters REST API - GET /people: Improved performance when requesting a list of users that contains a large number of supervisors.
Messaging - layout formatting: Fixed an issue that removed user-provided formatting from the message form.
xMatters Mobile App (Android/iOS): Corrected an issue that caused some mobile apps to display notification responses twice.
Flow Designer - Activity Stream: Fixed an issue that prevented some users from accessing and using the Activity Stream.
Users - Add Users - Sites: Corrected an issue where only the first 100 sites were displayed in the list of available sites.
COR-32060 Admin - Sites: Fixed an issue that prevented users from being able to delete some sites in their systems.


November 9-13, 2020

Support notes

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-32147 Flow Designer - property menu: Fixed an issue to ensure the property menu contained proper object names for connecting triggers.
COR-32051 Groups - updating group name: Corrected an issue where changing the group name caused prevented shift changes from saving.
COR-27924 Dynamic Teams (cosmetic fix): Fixed an issue that caused text to overlap some fields.
COR-32063 Workflows - importing: Corrected an issue where case-sensitivity mismatches prevented a workflow from importing properly.
Flow Designer - custom steps: Ensured that custom steps will not display the Endpoint tab if the "Include Endpoints" check box is left blank when the step is created.
Logging in via SSO/SAML: Fixed an issue that caused some SAML users to see a "Could not generate SAML metadata" error when they attempted to log on to their xMatters instance.



Flow Designer - Slack steps: Fixed an issue where inputs in configured fields of connected steps were removed after the steps were disconnected from each other.
COR-31648 Groups - filtering: Updated the "With Any Empty Shifts" filter on the Groups page to ensure it will return the expected search results.
COR-31483 Workflows - Activity Updates (cosmetic fix): Adjusted item spacing to ensure a consistent look and feel of the drop-down menus in the Activity Updates window.

About the early access delivery process

Customers can choose to opt their non-production environments into an Early Access Program (EAP) to see new functionality before it's released. If you're considering signing up for the early access program, there are a couple of important things to know:

  • Enrollment in EAP can be turned on any time through a support request.
  • Exiting EAP can only be done on quarterly boundaries (you cannot opt in and out between quarterly releases).

For full details, refer to the official On-Demand Deployment Process & Early Access article.

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    Karla Poplawski

    Support notes added for week of November 9-13, 2020.

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    Don Clark

    Highlights and support notes added for week of November 16-20, 2020:

    Updates include:

    • Initiate incidents from Slack
    • Add incidents to Microsoft Teams meetings
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