Missile Command Development Highlights & Support Notes

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We're hard at work on our next quarterly release, Missile Command, which will be rolling out in the July/August 2021 timeframe. Please follow this article and its comments to receive updates throughout the quarter about new features and functionality that we're working on for the Missile Command release.

Customers interested in previewing new features before they're released can opt into our Early Access Program (EAP), which delivers new features into non-production environments as they're rolled off the assembly line.

We'll also use this document to capture highlights of additions and updates to our mobile platforms and the xMatters REST API.

Deployment Details

For more information on how features in this article work, click the online help links embedded in each topic. As with any of our Community articles, you can click any image or animated GIF to see a larger version.

Support Notes

For a list of additional changes made in each deployment that are not covered in the Development Highlights, see the support notes included below each highlight. While most features will be added to production environments as part of our quarterly releases, the support notes typically describe fixes, which can sometimes affect product behavior.

June 14-18, 2021

xMatters REST API: Incidents

As mentioned in our last release overview, we've started adding endpoints to the xMatters REST API that let you get information about incidents and add notes to them programmatically. We're starting with the following key behaviors and we'll continue to build on them over coming releases:

Get incidents

The GET /incidents endpoint lets you retrieve a list of the incidents in your xMatters instance. You can use query parameters to search for incidents based on keywords in their summary, description, or incident identifier, and you can embed details about the incident commander. For example:

  • GET /incidents?search=customer+portal&fields=DESCRIPTION
  • GET /incidents?search=INC-146&fields=INCIDENT_IDENTIFIER
  • GET /incidents?search=database?embed=commander

You can also search for an incident by specifying its request ID:

  • GET /incidents?requestId=92eb2567-38d0-40e5-8fbd-fa1f9e1454bd

Get an incident

To return a single incident, specify the incident's unique identifier or incident number:

  • GET /incidents/ab1d6091-7d58-41e2-af72-49c69b3d9b65
  • GET /incidents/INC-145

Add a timeline note

You can use the POST /incidents endpoint to add a note to the timeline of an existing incident. The authenticating user who posts the note is documented as the author, and they can specify which incident to add the note to using the Incident ID:

  • POST /incidents/{incidentID)/note

xMatters REST API: Get scenarios

Get all the scenarios! Until now, you could use the xMatters REST API to return the scenarios for a form in a communication plan, but what if you wanted to easily get all of the scenarios in your system?

You can now use our new GET /scenarios endpoint to retrieve all the scenarios in your instance. You can search for scenarios that contain keywords, as well as those which are enabled for the xMatters mobile app or the web user interface. For example:

  • GET /scenarios?search=Vancouver
  • GET /scenarios?enabledFor=MOBILE

xMatters REST API: Various updates to existing endpoints

We've also made some minor updates and clarifications to a few other endpoints:

  • GET /plans - Filter by enabled or disabled workflows.
  • GET /forms - Filter by the type of workflow the form belongs to (custom, built-in, or reserved xMatters system workflows).
  • GET /subscriptions - Clarified which operators accept single or multiple values.
  • GET /people - Sort people by username, target name, status, web login, last login, site, or roles — and in ascending or descending order. Also, filter by when a user was created.

Support notes (week of June 14-18)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Flow Designer - HTTP triggers: Fixed an issue that caused the web user interface to show the original authentication settings for an HTTP trigger instead of the current settings.
Terminating events: Corrected an issue where events targeting a group with a holiday shift would occasionally fail to terminate properly.
Dynamic teams - user links in preview: Clicking a user link when previewing a dynamic team will now properly redirect to the user's profile page.
COR-38830 Flow Designer - custom steps: Corrected an issue that caused some screens of the custom step edit window remove the scroll bar or displaying fields incorrectly.
COR-38762 xMatters REST API - POST /scenarios: Fixed an issue where submitting a proper request to create a scenario could result in a 500 error.

June 7-11, 2021

Support notes (week of June 7-11)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-38616 Incidents - Incident Console: Users should now be able to set the Acknowledged time to be the same as the Resolved time.
COR-36741 Workflows - forms (usability fix): Switched the order of the Create and Cancel buttons to maintain consistency with the rest of the user interface.
All Events report -searching: Fixed an error that prevented the search from returning results when a user's name begins with a single initial.
Users page (usability fix): Improved overall performance of the Users page, particularly when searching a large number of users.
COR-37656 Workflows - forms (cosmetic fix): Fixed the layout of some form elements to ensure items aligned properly.
COR-37092 Workflows - forms: Added missing French translations for some elements.

May 31-June 4, 2021

All Events Report - Request ID

The All Events report now includes the Request ID on the Overview tab for an event. If an event isn't what you expected and you need to troubleshoot it, click the associated Request ID link to go to the Signals report and take a closer look at what was included in the payload of the signal that triggered the event:


New installable workflows

We've just added a whopping twenty more installable workflows! Instead of having to download and import a .zip file, you can install these workflows directly from within xMatters. They include a pre-built flow that creates an event when xMatters receives a signal from the external system. When on-call resources respond to the event notification, they have the option to initiate an incident. Click the name of a workflow below for more info:

Support notes (week of May 31-June 4)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Workflows - property names: Corrected an issue that prevented users from saving some valid property names.
Android and iOS mobile app - notifications: Fixed an issue that caused mobile app notifications to display UTC time instead of the user's specific time zone.
Messaging - scenario recipients: Improved performance when searching for recipients to add to a scenario.
User Profile (performance improvement): Adjusted the user profile page to properly indicate if a user has never logged in.
Users - Supervisors list: Fixed an issue where attempting to remove a user's original supervisor from the list would also remove their other supervisors.

About the early access delivery process

Customers can choose to opt their non-production environments into an Early Access Program (EAP) to see new functionality before it's released. If you're considering signing up for the early access program, there are a couple of important things to know:

  • Enrollment in EAP can be turned on any time through a support request.
  • Exiting EAP can only be done on quarterly boundaries (you cannot opt in and out between quarterly releases).

For full details, refer to the official On-Demand Deployment Process & Early Access article.

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    Karla Poplawski

    Support notes added for week of June 7-11, 2021.

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    Karla Poplawski

    Highlights and support notes added for week of June 14-18, 2021:

    Updates include:

    • xMatters REST API: Incidents
    • xMatters REST API: Get scenarios
    • xMatters REST API: Various updates to existing endpoints
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