Mobile Device Management for xMatters Mobile Apps

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows organizations to configure and control mobile devices from a central location. This means that if a mobile device gets lost or stolen, it can immediately be disabled remotely. MDM also makes it easier to troubleshoot any technical issues, as all user permissions and applications are managed from a single system.

Typically, MDM is used by enterprise-level organizations to impose minimum security standards, provide recommended apps, assist users in managing their app settings and preferences, and protect company data. MDM is a great way to improve your company’s security and to ensure that your data will always be safe, no matter where the information is accessed.

Can I add the xMatters app to my organization’s MDM system?

Absolutely! You can add the app to your MDM right now. We’re also working on some enhancements to the xMatters app for iOS and Android that will make it even easier for users to get signed in and set up, including some extra configuration options.

How do I connect the xMatters app to my MDM system?

MDM applications or systems contain a database or library of “allowed” apps selected and controlled by the organization. You can set an app to be installed automatically or optionally onto a user’s device. 

As an example, here’s how to add the xMatters app to AirWatch, a common and popular MDM system:

  1. In AirWatch, open the Apps & Books tab from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Applications > Native, then go to the Public tab.
  3. Click the Add Application button.mceclip0.png
  4. Search for the xMatters mobile app on the Google Play store or the iOS store and add it to the database.mceclip1.png
  5. Once you add the xMatters app, it should appear in your MDM system’s app database.mceclip2.png

Most MDM systems will support the same method for adding applications — consult the documentation of your MDM system for specific instructions on how to add and install apps.

What are the capabilities of an MDM system?

The main feature of an MDM system is that it enables you to manage the applications required by your organization across all user devices from a single location. You can find some examples of how to manage access to the xMatters app in AirWatch below.

Device and User Configuration

You can start managing the xMatters app after adding it to the AirWatch app database by configuring the following settings:

  • Whether to automatically install the xMatters app onto a user’s device or let the user install it themselves.
  • Whether to convert unmanaged versions of the xMatters app to the version managed by AirWatch:mceclip3.png
  • Which devices and users have access to the app:mceclip4.png

Note: Adding apps to devices can take some time. An app can only be loaded onto a device if it has internet access.

Once the xMatters app is loaded onto a user’s device, they can immediately log into their xMatters instance using their username and password or SSO credentials. For more tips about getting users set up with the mobile app and how they can use it, see these handy resource kits:

Ready, set, xMatters mobile app

Getting your team set up with the xMatters mobile app

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