Trying to figure out how to replicate a fairly complex shift schedule for my group.

I have this currently setup in PagerDuty without too much difficulty, and am trying to replicate it in xMatters so far without success. Figure I'm possibly going about it wrong, and wanted to see if anyone has a clean way of doing this.

  1. All pages first go to a hunt group that rings at all of my team's desk phones. They have 2 minutes to respond to the call, or it escalates to the next level. (I use a user with only the phone escalation and a 2 minute time window).
  2. If the hours are 6 pm - 2 am Wed-Sun nights, escalate to the night shift (1 person), otherwise escalate to the weekly on-call person (5 team members on call every 5 weeks). This rotates Monday mornings at 8 am. they have 13 minutes to acknowledge/respond or it escalates.
  3. Page me. I have 15 minutes to acknowledge/respond or it escalates.
  4. Page my boss.

Here are the difficulties I have come across:

  • I've had some difficulty getting the 8 am start time to stick (it keeps jumping back to midnight.
  • I'm currently attempting to set each individual up as their own separate shift because the rotation seems to want to escalate to other team members, but the night shift overlaps with them -- can't figure out how to make the night shift REPLACE the on call person when active.
  • I can't figure out at all how to make the hunt group call in step one work without making a complete mess of everything.

I currently have 20 shift setup to even get close to what I need, and it's still not right, and I have the feeling I'm misunderstanding the paradigm and so doing it completely wrong.


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