When 9 responses in a form aren't enough - Can we get more?

Hi All,

This is related to https://support.xmatters.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000197386-Moving-an-Event-to-a-different-team 

Currently, xMatters only allows up to 9 responses for a given form.  You would think that is enough.  But not always.  Consider the following responses

1. Acknowledge it - I've got it and working on it

2. Fixed

3. Self recovered

4. Escalate to next person in on call list

5. Need additional help

6. Move to Team V

7. Move to Team W

8. Move to Team X

9. Move to Team Y

But I also want to allow a user to easily move the issue to Team Z. I will certainly grant you that its difficult to do more than 9 entries via voice.  But with email, SMS, and especially the xMatters phone app it should be easy.

Is there a way to get more than 9 responses in a form or resolve this in a fashion that doesn't require the user to memorize some group name and type it in?


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