Engage with xMatters (ServiceNow) - Business rule to update work notes

Hi There,

We're currently working on publishing the Engage with xMatters integration to our ServiceNow instance for a pilot program within our IT department. 

My management has a couple concerns with the way the integration works and I was wondering if someone would be able to help me with them.

Basically, the integration currently doesn't update the actual incident with any information, only adds related "xMatters Engage" records and notes changes in the worknotes of those records. I would like, if possible, to add worknotes to the actual incident that was Engage'd, at the very least that someone has acknowledged the notification and is now taking over the incident.

Additionally, our servicenow usernames are different from the xmatters usernames. When the integration posts work notes, it uses the xmatters username, which is simply a number and is not very useful to people viewing the ticket. I would like to be able to map this to a person's name if at all possible. 

finally, a "nice to have" would be to automatically assign the incident to the person who acknowledged the Engage notification. I assume if it is possible to map the actual user's name and put worknotes that they have acknowledged the notification, it should be relatively straightforward to assign the incident to that person as well. 

Let me know if you have any strategies/advice on how to set up something like this. Thanks!


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