Feature Request: Company level device templates

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In Q*bert, a new "Device Wait Time" has been added at the Company level within xMatters.

I'd like to see this taken one step further to be able to have company-level device templates that can:

  • Be used by default whenever a new user is created in xMatters
  • Tied to one or many Groups

The use case here is to create standards in terms of how incident responders are set up to receive pages across devices. For example, let's say a company's mean time to respond is within 10 minutes of being paged. The company-level device template can then be set up to enforce that metric. A company might decide to first send an email and push, then wait 2 minutes and text, then wait 2 minutes then call mobile, then wait 2 minutes then call home, etc. This creates predictability as an incident manager/commander as to what to expect whenever an incident responder is requested. 

Alternatively, a Group could say that they want to tighten their own SLOs and therefore want to customize their device template to stricter tolerances than the company one. The rule would be that a Group can adjust its device template so as not to exceed the number of separate devices or mean time to respond that is defined at the company level. 

This would allow Groups some degree of customization, but within tolerances that are defined at the Company level. Additionally, every incident responder will know that the degree to which they are tracked down via the device template is the same as every other member of their Group and is consistent with every other incident responder within the Company. 

This addresses a couple of incident responder QoL issues such as:

  • Penalizing incident responders who know how to use xMatters from those who choose to not understand how best to use xMatters (or who might not know)
  • Incident managers/commanders that experience different wait times for incident responders
  • Incident managers/commanders who come upon situations where their pages go unanswered only to find out that an incident responder failed to properly set up their devices



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