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It's weird that there is no Terraform provider or Ansible module/plugin for xMatters available. I know, there is API and I can write code by myself using Python, JS or plain 'curl' but nowadays it's not the way how quite complicated systems should be configured.

Please consider creating Terraform provider as your well-known competitor already has one.




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  • Thanks Denis for the request.

    We're definitely looking at this integration for the future but we've not had a lot of requests for it. Terraform seems to be gaining popularity so perhaps others will upvote.

    As you pointed out, our API is available for building such an integration. However, which aspects of xMatters configuration would you be most interested in handling through Terraform? Also, could you explain how you might use it in a Terraform workflow i.e. combining with other Terraform providers?


  • Thank you for the answer. I just started to play with xM and I'm missing the creation of:

    • groups
    • schedules
    • workflows

    My use case is:

    We have some kind of 'playground' account where we are free to do everything, like create groups, schedules, workflows, etc. And once it works 'as designed' I would like to replicate the same configuration to our 'production' account. Therefore I would like to not repeat all steps manually, but rather execute `terraform apply` for the 'production' account.


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