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I just completed an audit of our users to ensure records we keep in a spreadsheet are reflecting the actual license level ("Full User" or "Stakeholder") that is assigned to each user in xMatters.

Today this requires going to the "Users" listing page, selecting a user and then clicking "Edit Profile".  As you work down the list, each time you back out of the previous users profile and back tot he listing, you have to then scroll down the list to find the next user to research.

If the "Users" listing page had the option to add a column showing the license level of each user, this would have saved me a lot of time.  Therefore this feature request is asking just that.  Please add an optional column to the "Users" Listing page for License Type.



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  • Hi Mike - great idea, I'll make sure that suggestion finds its way to the product manager for that part of the product.

    In the meantime, note that there is a "License Type" filter for users, so that might get you an easier workflow if your audit can focus on one license type at a time.

    Also, I find that on lists with a lot of pagination I like to use the "Open Link in New Tab" or Command-Click each entry so they open in a new window and I don't lose my scroll position.

    But we'll also look at adding the column too.


  • Thanks Doug and Craig.  The filter will definitely help in the meantime.


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