Xmatters incident create tickes in Jira

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Is there a way for a ticket to be auto created in Jira for an incident that is created in xmatters and then close based on the actions applied to the incident?




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  • Thanks Doug. Let me try it and see if it works. I am on the free plan, would any of the functionality be restricted because of this?

    Thanks again, 

  • Hey Doug,

    Since I am new at this, its getting fairly complicated for me to follow. This is what I want to do:

    1. create an incident in xmatters due to an AWS alarm
    2. create a jira issue for the alarm with the resource on call assigned to it
    3. resource on call acknowledges the alarm and the incident status is set to in progress in xmatters
    4. jira ticket updated for status to in progress as well
    5. resource on call resolves the incident with comments
    6. jira ticket updated for status to done as well including comments

    I am already using the xmatters incident management workflow. I haven't been able to find anything in the tutorials or demo that at least has a similar walkthrough. Would you be able to point me to the correct resources if possible.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Hi Uzma, I don't think a demo or walkthrough exists for this particular scenario - but it's a great idea for one!

    One of the things to note in the graphics that Doug posted is the Jira Create Issue step comes before the xMatters Initiate Incident step - this allows all of those status or severity change triggers on the xMatters incident to have access to the Jira issue information, such as the issue ID which you will need to update the Jira issue. 

    Does your process allow you to create the Jira issue first? You can always update the issue with the xMatters incident information by using the Update issue step. So you're workflow would look a little different:

    1. create an alert in xmatters due to an AWS alarm.
    2. The on-call user responds, which initiates the incident.
    3. create a jira issue for the alarm with the resource on call assigned to it
    4. Create an incident in xMatters and update it in the UI to 'in progress'.
    5. jira ticket updated for status to in progress as well.
    6. resource on call resolves the incident with comments.
    7. jira ticket updated for status to done as well including comments. You would need two steps in Flow Designer for this - an Update Issue step to update the status and an Add Comment step to add the Note from the Resolved trigger as the comment. 

    I hope that helps. I'll pull together a graphic of what I'm picturing as well so you can see if it will fit your process.

  • Hi,

    I'm writing here because we have an issue creating the Jira Cloud endpoint. We want to use the Create Issue step, but it only allows me to select "Basic Auth," and then I can see in the logs that Jira responds with "Basic Auth has been deprecated". Unfortunately, I cannot select any other endpoint type besides "Basic Auth".

    Basic authentication with passwords is deprecated. For more information, see: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/deprecation-notice-basic-auth/

  • Hi Merlin,

    Thanks for sharing this - we'll see about updating that. A quick question before I suggest a workaround in the meantime - does it work for you if you use the API token as the password in the endpoint configuration?

  • Hi Christine,

    Thanks for asking. I just tried using the token instead of my password and it has worked!! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the update - glad it worked. I'll ask our docs team to add that information, and we'll take another look at updating the steps to support the Jira changes. 


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