SolarWinds NPM Workflow Template, Passing of Recipients in Workflow

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Has anyone been successful in passing Recipients by adding them to the webhook rather than to the URL?

If so, how?

If not possible to pass the Recipients in the webhook, is it possible to use a Custom Property variable in the URL?

if so, how?






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  • I can now answer my own question for those that are facing the same situation.

    For my first question, the answer is "No".  There is not a way to put the Recipients into the JSON body of the POST.

    For my second question, the answer is "Yes".  Although the "URL" field in the "Send a GET or POST Request to a Web Server" Alert Action will accept Orion variables.  Just add, for example, "&recipients=${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.Custom_Property_Field}" after the URL you add from your xM Flow "SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor" Trigger object.


  • Thanks for taking a look Doug.  I did actually learn something from your answer so it was helpful.

    I am a newbie to Flows although I have been writing the old style script Integrations for several years now.  I drug a new SW NPM Trigger onto the canvas but could not see how to edit the script.  The fact that you were able to, sent me back to my Flow Designer to figure it out.  I now see that you can edit the script by selecting "Copy as HTTP Trigger" from gear icon of the SW NPM Trigger in the "Triggers" toolbox.

    Appreciate the lesson.  Have a great weekend.


  • Great Mike, glad I could help. The Flow Designer is a great tool, you'll have fun playing with it. I was just sitting in a design review earlier today where we were looking at more new developer shortcuts like this one: The teams are bringing a ton of "developer quality of life" enhancement into the Flow Designer.


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