Control-M Integration - Retrieve the Job Output via Email - Formatted badly

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When retrieving a Control-M job's output via email, the emailed output is formatted like this (as an example):

File "C:\\\PROGRA~1\\\ArcGIS\\\Pro\\\bin\\\Python\\\envs\\\arcgispro-py3\\\Lib\\\esriL\\\sql\\\", line 298, in <module>

The output in Control-M looks like this:

File "C:\\PROGRA~1\\ArcGIS\\Pro\\bin\\Python\\envs\\arcgispro-py3\\Lib\\esriL\\sql\\", line 298, in <module>

It looks better than that because it's using font Courier New.  The emailed output looks like it's using Arial.

Is there a way to improve the xMatters emailed output so it's easier to read?



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  • If the issue is the font, would changing the font of the email notification from xMatters address it?


    If the issue is the extra slashes, etc. then I suppose do some more processing either before it is sent to xMatters, or within the Workflow after it gets to xMatters so that the content being put into the email notification is what you want.

  • The issue is for some reason when xMatters grabs the output data from Control-M it gets encoded into HTML entities format.  On Control-M, the output is a plain txt file.  I found some HTML Entities converters online which seem to work except they do not change \\\ to \\.  And I wouldn't know how to use a converter in an xMatters email setup.  Changing the font in xMatters does not help.  I do not know how to make xMatters receive the data as plain text.

  • I suspect there is some additional processing going on between when the plain txt file is output by Contorl-M and when Control-M sends the message to xMatters (I am assuming it is doing the sending and it isn't xMatters literally making the call to Control-M to get the data, because how would it know it needs to do that). I suspect this because the example output from Control-M you provided has not escaped the double quotes, which would come across as invalid JSON and be rejected by xMatters.

    To be sure where the text change is taking place (on Control-M or on xMatters), have you checked the activity log to verify the body of the message xMatters has received is in the format you want or not? That will verify where to dig further to make adjustments.

    If the body of the message xMatters is receiving is already formatted the way you want, then I'd look for any steps on the xMatters side of the integration (e.g. maybe a call to shared library being used?) that might be trying to escape special characters. The addition of an extra backslash makes me think there is something that is parsing the text to try and account for special characters.

  • Hi Julia

    I asked some people who have some experience with our older integrations and they confirmed that many of them were not written to deal with non-standard characters in notifications. If you'd like to get someone to look at your specific issue and see if they can help clean up the outputs, please file a support request and they'd be happy to look into it.


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