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We use xmatters for handling our standby shifts. The shifts is everyday from Monday to Saturday between 0800 am and 1100 pm.

The issue we experience is that if a incident happens outside the shift and is not solved we don't get any notification when the shift starts.

Example of desired functionality:

A incident happens on saturday morning at 0400 am, as soon as the shift starts at 0800 am I would like to receive a notification.

Thanks in advance for the help. 



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  • Hi Dris,

    Typically if we receive an injection and it targets a group, it will look at all shifts in that group and message whomever is active during that time. If a shift is not active yet, a message IS queued for when that shift is due to start. The trick is to make sure the xMatters event keeps going until the shift is online. Make sure the xMatters events are able to stay alive for 48 hours or something along those lines, that should cover the case where something comes in on Saturday after hours - as long as it's still running it should message first thing on Monday when the team is active.

    Happy Wednesday!


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