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New to the forums, I'll do my best to explain my question.

We have a response set for a workflow. I'm trying to post that same response via the API. I have posted updates to an event before but this one seems just out of my reach. Do I just post the response data to the event, or is there more to it than that?



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  • Hi Patrick, Thanks for the question.

    Currently we don't have any API endpoints that offer a mechanism for sending a response to a particular event. There is more to it so I'll explain ;)

    TLDR; Basically, user's respond to alerts not events.

    During the processing of an event, xMatters will determine which user devices should be notified based on the various business rules like resolving dynamic teams, group schedules, user devices, message configuration, etc. The end result would be users receiving phone calls, emails, text messages, or push alerts. The user can respond from any device that receives an alert, as each device receives information on how to respond to that specific alert. Each device alert is unique, and usually has different content appropriate to the device. xMatters can only process user responses for a specific alert related to an event. For example, if an event did not generate any alerts then there would be no alerts for users to respond to.


  • Although we may not have the functionality at the moment, could you share any information on what you're trying to build or solve for? A description of you specific use case would be helpful for us to understand how you are using xMatters, and how you might need to use the API.


  • Thanks for the quick reply Patrick.

    Your screen shot is the defined response option that will be presented to a user in a specific alert. Response options are part of the form definition in the message designer, and are used as part of the content generation for each alert. These are defined here: The API icon should match the UUID returned from this endpoint.

    I'm not sure how you would impersonate a device, but why would you want to do that? Are you receiving too many alerts? How would the script know when to run or which response to send?

  • If you have a CSM, you could discuss this use case with them. Alternatively, they could help set up a meeting to discuss the use case further with Product Management, if that helps.

  • Thanks Craig, I'll bring it up to our CSM. I was just hoping the API was already set to be able to do this. Just a thought as to why beyond my immediate needs would be if I was wanting to have users be able to respond from outside of xM. Say like from slack or teams. 

  • Thanks Patrick, I'll definitely share this with the other PMs and make a note in any existing enhancement requests.


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