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The Workflows page does not have a search feature. We have about 100 workflows in Prod and a lot more in non-prod. It gets tedious having to scroll down through all the flows to find the one you want to look at. If you click out of it, you are back at the top of the workflows list again and have to scroll back down the list to find it again.

It would be helpful to have a search feature and a favorites feature similar to the one that now exists on the Messaging screen.



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  • Thanks Colum!

    Given that the browser shows all the workflows, you can use (at least in the interim) the browser's search to pinpoint a particular workflow. It sounds like what you really want is a filter that restricts what you see in the Workflows screen so you can pinpoint ones with similar names? Would someone know what they are looking for when searching for the name of the workflow? How well would the browser search perform for what you are looking for?

    Happy Thursday!


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