AIM and xMtters conference bridges

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I am getting confused on conference bridges on within the AIM workflow. I want to page an incident and provide the xMatters bridge on the page so people can dial in without having to go into xMatters. 

On my incident form, I added a conference bridge section. In the workflow, I added a "Create xMatters Conference" step. 

I created an incident and received a page with bridge info. The incident was created in the Incidents page and had bridge info but the bridge id was different from the email. Obviously, I created 2 bridges when I intended to create just one. How do I create one bridge and get it on the email?



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  • Hi Colum,

    I haven't seen this on a Conference AIM flow yet but I have a few ideas. Either a parameter can be used to call up the conference number or maybe a custom step call call up the event and pull the conference information that way. I'll try a few things out while others look and share their experiences.

  • I tried again today to see if I could save the Create xMatters event step. I kept it simple and added a few characters to the Step label. It still would not save. When I hit cancel it brought me to the "Unsaved Changes" screen. When I hit OK nothing happened. When I hit Cancel it brought me back to the Step Setup screen. If I clicked the X in the top right it brought me back to the "Unsaved Changes" screen. The only way out was to close the browser (Chrome) tab.

    I created a new version of the xMatters Incident Management workflow. Same result.

    I tried it in our Dev region. Same result.

    I added some text to the description field. Same result.

    In IE - same result.

    In Edge - same result. 

    However, if I try the same with another workflow the Save works fine.


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