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I have been looking into the MS Teams"Create Online Meeting" step in Flow Designer.
The only place it asks for credentials is when setting up the endpoint. If you create the Microsoft Graph API endpoint there is a "Connect' button.
Clicking this brings you to a Microsoft sign-on screen. It brought up my work email so I selected that but on the next screen it said I needed admin approval.
It did offer me the opportunity to sign in with another account. I do have an admin account so I thought I could use that. However, the admin account is an Object ID not an email or phone.

I have custom step where I use the Object ID to create an online meeting. I got the syntax for the call here:
This is what the doc says:

POST /users/{userId}/onlineMeetings
Note: userId is the object ID of a user in Azure user management portal.

My custom step works using the object ID.

I'd like to understand exactly what credentials are needed to get the out of the box step to work.



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  • Hi Colum,

    We have some folks working on an answer to your question so keep watch for an update soon.

    Happy Thursday!

  • Hi Colum,

    The App step is using the same Microsoft Graph API syntax that you're using, but because we use Delegated Tokens when using the Microsoft Graph API endpoint, we can use the "/me/onlineMeetings" route, rather than "/users/{userId}/onlineMeetings"

    The details on the xMatters Microsoft Graph API Endpoint are available here. It describes the scopes that we request and provides a link and description of how to managed content requests in the Azure admin portal.

    If you're able to log in to the Microsoft Azure portal as an Admin, you should be able to allow all, or a subset of users, to use the xMatters Connector application that the Endpoint uses to complete the authorization flow. If you have further questions about the scopes we request or how to provide admin consent for the application, I can provide more details here or in an email if you prefer.

    To introduce myself, I'm the xMatters Product Manager for the Automation parts of our platform. I'd love to hear more about how your Custom Step works -- which endpoint type are you using and how are you authenticating with the Microsoft Graph API, if not through the provided endpoint?

  • Hi Daniel. 

    Thanks for the quick response. It is helpful. The difference in our approach seems to be delegated token versus application token.

    My "custom" step originally came from an xMatters source on github before the out of the box step was available. I think it was this one but I can't say for sure

    There are 2 steps; the first gets an authentication token; the second uses the token to create a meeting. 

    The 2nd endpoint is set up with Basic authentication (which may not have been necessary). Path is the beta version using an application token  /beta/users/ObjectID/onlineMeetings

    I am thinking about other users who may want to use this step but don't have familiarity with the Microsoft Azure side (I count myself as one of those!). I want to make it as easy as possible for them. 

    I thought my account was an admin account but I think it may be a regular account with the ability to request online meetings.

    The xMatters doc  link you provided above says 

    • If you're not an administrator, enter the reason why you're requesting approval (for example, "xMatters is essential to streamlined incident resolution") and click Request Approval. You should get an email when your Microsoft administrator has reviewed the request.

    When I do this, no "Request Approval" option appears. My choices are "sign in with Admin account" or "return to application without granting consent". 


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