Computed Text (labels) in messages

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Is it possible to create computed text on a xMatters message form? Like I want to change text from "Order Status" to "Order Change Notice" base on a value received from a json payload. TIA



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  • Hi David,

    Flow Designer does give the ability to run custom steps to for example "process" a payload which gives you the ability to review the properties received and programatically decide how to populate your outputs to feed an xMatters event.

    Alternatively you can just decide what to send in the payload to populate the property that feeds the text you want and just send either "Order Status" or "Order Change Notice" in the data itself.

    If you have specific examples or need more information then provide what you have so far and we can help guide you in the direction that would make the most sense for your requirement.

    Happy Monday!

  • Thanks for the update David!

    I believe you can achieve this by creating a new property on the workflow's form (maybe call it TicketLabel or something like that) and bring that into the form's layout. Then on the Message section you have to insert that property in place of the "Initial Ticket #" or "In Progress Ticket #" text in the table. Then in your Flow Designer script you have to assign the text to provide to that property by the time it gets to the xMatters Create Event step. Once the event fires and gets that property value it should take that and assign it to the label in the message as you were highlighting.

    If my idea is not descriptive enough let me know and I can try to break it down more visually.



  • Awesome Francois! That sounds like it will do the trick. I have done that before on the other platfom (Lotus Notes) just didn't think about doing it here. Just getting started with xMatters. This is my second project. 

    Thanks Again. 


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