Event auto-terminates after three hours?

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I've noticed that if an event is still active three hours after it was initiated, it is auto-terminated by the system.

Is that configurable?

We've got some workflows where xMatters events are triggered by external tickets and should be terminated automatically when those external tickets are resolved. Therefore, it would be preferable if an event is left alone ...




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  • Hi Philip

    Yes this is the default timeframe we terminate events if nothing else ends the event. It is configurable by editing the form layout. You can't totally disable this but you can extend the time we wait.

    Details on doing this can be found here : https://help.xmatters.com/ondemand/xmodwelcome/communicationplanbuilder/handlingsenderoverrides.htm#Handling

    Let us know if this helps or if you need further information.


  • Thanks, Daniel. Just what I needed.



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