Flow to create a Webex message not working

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Hi xMatters support,

We need your help to implement a solution for one of our critical alerts. We are trying to use the email initiation flow to receive the alert, then create an xMatters event and after, post a message in a Webex space we have created for this. We followed the instructions on gihub to import the webex flow and extracted just the Create a Message step. You mentioned there that for this step we just need a bot access token, which we have created. But it is not working for us and we are getting the below error:

Caught an error in step "Teams: Create a Message"
Script failed with message: ReferenceError: date is not defined

What can we do to get this to work?



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  • Hey Travis,


    Yes, that was it. We kind of figured it out and deleted that row since we don't need files and then deleted the output as well. Thanks a lot for checking on this! Appreciate the help.




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