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Hi! I have recently been put in charge of my team's SharePoint site. We have an on-call rotation using xMatters, and I'd like to create a section of our team site where I can show the current on-call, and if possible the next on-call. It would need to use live data so that if someone is absent and another person covers their call the correct information is shown on the SharePoint site.


Is this possible? If so, can someone point me in the right direction to build it?



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  • Hi Randall,   sounds like a great idea!   I'm no SharePoint expert,  but do you think it would be possible to create something there that makes use of the on-call summary API and displays the information nicely?

    Perhaps you'd have to use Microsoft power automate or something similar to call and process the response??    I'm really guessing about the methodology but I've seen this kind of thing is possible.

  • It looks like that will do exactly what I need. I don't know how to do it, but this gives me the starting point I need, and I can work with my Power Automate expert to create the flow. Thanks!

  • Cool !

    I've not done it myself,  but I've seen people use Power Automate to update tables in SharePoint when xMatters sends information to a Power Automate HTTP endpoint.

    I'm sure you can probably have PA run a query periodically to get data from xMatters.  But if you can't run something periodically from PA you can schedule events in xMatters that trigger steps to get info internally and shove it at a PA HTTP endpoint.  Would be clearer from the PA side though I'm sure.

  • Hi Adam!


    After some unexpected delays, I've finally come back to this project this week. I think I see how to use Get in Power Automate to retrieve the information, using the API information at the link you provided. But there's one thing I'm stuck on early in the process here. How do I get the URI for my group?

    I tried using the group name, but it has a space in it, which encodes to %20 in the URL, and when I try to use it, I get an HTTP response code of 200. It seems the api doesn't like the % symbol. In the link you gave, the group is formatted in the path as "groups=2b6cf1a8-2186-41bb-951e-f79e9e776c95". How do I get that ID number rather than the name?


  • OK, I'm not sure what I did yesterday to get that 200 response code. I've been trying it today and get this:

      "code" : 401,
      "message" : "Invalid Credentials",
      "reason" : "Unauthorized"


    I sign in to xMatters via SSO from my organization, which I think might be the reason for this. If so, I don't know how to resolve it. 

    I have the group ID now (thanks to your reply above). I also now have a tool I can use to validate the HTTP Get statement, which will give me a sample payload so Power Automate can generate the schema. I think it's clear sailing from there!   :)    I just can't get past the authentication issue. 

    Thank you so much for all your help!

  • Thanks! 

    The one I'm using is Altova XMLSpy, but I may try out Postman too & see which I like better.

    I'll have one of the people on my team with rights to create users to do this & I'll got from there. 


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