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Hi, i am trying to copy an existing Workflow but am having a problem with that.

I have created it and also the Flow.  When I create in event in the flow, there is a Simple Form section where i should be able to drag and drop different items like Email.To or email.subject.

Drag and drop doesn't seem to work no matter what I try.

Maybe there is a new method to do this?

Thanks, Derek



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  • Hi Derek!

    Can you give us a full idea of the browser you are using and the type of step you are configuring? From the sounds of it you are connecting an e-mail trigger step to an xMatters Create Event step and having issues bringing in properties from the e-mail trigger into the event form fields on that other step.

    We haven't really heard of others having issues quite like that so it could be a browser add-on or the browser type that needs to be tested. Doing a sanity check on my end Chrome seems to be working fine.

    Happy Friday!

  • Hi, the Subject and Message sections are not visible for me to drag the items into.  That must be the problem but i have added those in the Properties section under Workflows.  Maybe I did that wrong.

  • Thanks Derek,

    Can you step us through what you are clicking on to edit this? You can give the name of the workflow too as a reference. If we know exactly where you are going we may be able to correct the course if needed.

    Happy Tuesday!

  • Hi, i go to workflows and i created Service Desk Afterhours as a new one, trying to replicate Simple Email Initiation which is not working and I'm trying to figure out why.

    In Service Desk Afterhours, i have added Message Text and Subject as properties.

    I then go into Flows, click on the event I created where i want to add email subject and plaintext body to the Message Text and Subject but those 2 items are missing so i can't drag them over from the right menu.

  • Hi Derek,

    Have you also added those properties to the form that the Create Event step is targeting? You need to add them to a custom section on the form to have them appear in the Create Event step setup tab.

    To do this:

    1. Head over to the Forms tab in your workflow and find the form (if you haven't changed the step label, you can see the form name there).
    2. Click Edit > Layout to open the form.
    3. Drag the properties into the Custom section, and then click Save Changes.

    When you go back to the Create Event step, you should see these properties available. For more information on editing the form layout, see https://help.xmatters.com/ondemand/#cshid=PropertiesListPlace.


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