Welcome to the Incident Management community forum (Read me first!)

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Welcome incident commanders, scribes, and resolvers to the Community Support forum. Whether you’ve done incident management for a while now, or you’ve heard the term and want to know where to start, this forum is the place for any questions and comments you might have.

What is incident management?

Incident management is another way xMatters helps minimize the blast radius when bad things happen.

When an unplanned interruption in service occurs (for example a server failure), that’s an incident. Incident management roles can include

  • Incident commanders that gather all the relevant information and people in one place.
  • Scribes who store a comprehensive incident record for root cause analysis.
  • And resolvers applying their mad skills to quickly fix the tasks that matter most.

Feel free to share your experiences, tips & tricks, advice, and opinions on all things incident management here - and keep an eye out for more information, knowledge bombs, and announcements from your friendly neighborhood xPerts.





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