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I do not appear to receive notification alerts from the app on my phones when they are on the lock screen. The phone just sits there silently but when I open the app I can see the message in the inbox and the notification sound will go off. Has anyone else had this issue?



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  • It is only my Iphone having this issue. I found a battery setting on my Android phone (adaptive battery) that when i cut it off I was able to get the xMatters alerts to work when phone was locked. I really need to get my Iphone to work though. I currently use PagerDuty for work (in process of going to xMatters) and noticed that when i go into settings>general>Background App Refresh that it is listed there but xMatters is not. Is this not a feature for the xMatters app for Iphones or is there a work around to make the app work when screen is locked?

  • I've got an iPhone running the current 13.3 and both the regular and custom alerts play when in the lock screen. I tested it both with the phone on, but locked, as well as with the phone off.

    The only thing I can see is that when I have my Apple Watch turned on the alerts don't play on the iPhone, they play on the Apple Watch. Do you have an Apple Watch linked? And what version of iOS are you running?

  • Hi Doug. Thanks for the reply. I have an Iphone 7 running IOS 13.3. I have gotten the app to work on the Iphone when the screen is locked. Rebooted a few times, deleted and re-downloaded the app. The issue is that it sometimes takes so long for my tests to come through that I may just have not been patient enough. My tests seem to take an average of 5 minutes to come through when Iphone is locked (one test took 13 mins).Just to contrast when I send a test to my Android when it is locked the notification comes through in seconds. Do you see long times on your Iphone when you test?

  • Just following up again. After letting my IPhone sit on lock screen for a few hours and then sending another test, it appears that the notifications do not come in again until I unlock the screen (then notification comes in quickly). I am still wondering if Apple is putting this app in standby after a certain amount of time after going to lock screen. That is what appears was happening on my Android until I changed the battery setting. Unfortunately, I do not see a similar setting on the IPhone except for the Background App Refresh setting where xMatters was not an option. Has anyone else had issues getting the app to consistently work on IPhone in the past? Unfortunately, my company supplies IPhones to the employees on-call so getting this to work would be a great help. 

  • We have not had any of the issues you are describing.

    What iOS notifications settings do you have set for the app?

  • I have same.  IOS 14.6.  If the app is open or the screen is unlocked I get the custom tone.  If screen locked (like when I'm sleeping), just puts a banner on the lock screen.  


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