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I'm getting automated emails from Mario Guisado telling me to log in ... but I've been logging in virtually every day for the last couple of weeks!

I am concerned that something has gone wrong somewhere and that some automated process is going to kill off my carefully constructed usage of xMatters.

Unfortunately, the email cannot be replied to but hopefully someone @ xMatters will see this and intervene :).




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  • Hi Philip! We are watching out for your instance based on your note here so that it does not expire on you. Just keep logging in once a month and you should be fine! In this case you are likely getting these messages in error and we're looking into the source of them today. Rest assured you won't be de-activated!

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Hi everyone,

    This has been resolved, please let us know if you're still getting the emails and you think you shouldn't be,


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