[Flow] How to set Switch values to be Bool's

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So I am working on a flow and needed to have a switch so I can direct to different outcomes. I am passing an output which has a bool value of either true or false.

The switch checks that value and directs based on it. Well, it wasn't working at first so then I realized I had it set to TRUE / FALSE. Basically, it was looking for a string. 

It seems that we should have the ability to make these values strictly BOOL values, as this is something that is less likely to break in the event of changes being made.

Does anyone know if this is currently possible?



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  • Currently all inputs and outputs of steps are strings. We are evaluating how typed values fit into the logic, and we are also looking at a “conditional” step that would support more matching logic.

  • Cool, glad to hear this is something being considered. Looking forward to some advances in flow logic! I'm sure everyone would love being able to branch off of the same step or conditional step too, that would be cool.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    And FWIW: we'll be reaching out directly to talk with your team about what you'd like to see in the Flow Designer in CY20. 


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