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We want to get the follow data into Splunk so that we can create our own dashboards and I thought maybe creating an integration myself that streams the data via HEC would be ideal. Or even route back to xMatters for alerts if errors in integration.

  • Integration logs
  • Event logs
  • On-call schedule
  • tbd maybe more later on

I won't know what's ideal (push or pull) until I do some testing. Either create an app on Splunk's end to pull or a communication plan to push. My main question would be

How would you trigger a communication plan for ANY new event without getting all events?

I know there's a from/to for /events but is there a "latest" or would I maybe need to create on "outbound" integration for all existing communication plans to trigger this complan?

Just spitballing ideas


I saw this:


Which gave me some good ideas, but wanted to check in with the community to see if anyone already did this (less work for me :D). Or if anyone has played around with doing this in a communication plan.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




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  • Hey Ian!

        I'm not too familiar with the Splunk side to talk about Pull, but in theory this might be the best option as it would give you a holistic view of the xMatters instance from the outside. I put together a Splunk HEC step a while back that pushes event data into the HEC, but it has the draw back of needing to be on each canvas you want reports on. Which doesn't scale well. 

    I was about to talk about how the integration logs aren't available, but I am mistaken! They are here, and pushing these from a canvas would be cumbersome as the flow step properties have a max size of 20,000 characters. So if your logs are longer than that you would need to break them up into several properties. 

    Same goes for the on-call schedules because we don't have a triggering mechanism for when they change you'd have to query every so often to push the latest data. 

    If you do something like this I would be happy to collaborate and ultimately get it up on our xM Labs site here, so let me know if you need any help. 

    I hope that helps.

    Happy Friday!
        --- Travis

  • Ah, thanks for this. That's unfortunate though, forgot about the 20k limit. I ran into it a while ago when writing automation for user creation. I'd have to probably involve something 3rd party to get them joined together anyways.

    Then I'll probably just go with a Splunk add-on as i'll probably have more freedom with it. While pulling the data will also solve the event from/to question, as i can just specific it to pull every few minutes and grab the events/logs from that time. Just thought i'd try going with the more "dynamic" DevOpsie way instead of just a static cronjob, but oh well. The path of least resistance prevails again.




  • Any idea how long a session lasts for connection via api, before i have to re-auth? Is it linked with what we set for the GUI session? (60 minutes in our case) Asking for OAuth.

  • The API requests do not keep the session open, so you will need to pass the creds, either basic or OAuth token, each time. 


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