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Hi ,


Actually my requirement is to create 30 groups and in each group there might be around 20+ users. 

There is a 2 shifts. One is business hours and another one is after hours.

I need to schedule a contact numbers (Primary and secondary) for each and every groups. 

How shall i schedule a contact numbers ?





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  • Hi Ram!

    Maybe there is more to your question than what I have read but I think the best thing for you to do is to sort out one group properly then create that 29 more times as each group really does need to be created separately. Other than via the web UI, you can sync a group from an external system or you can use our API to programatically create it along with any shifts and add members. That last one probably isn't for the faint of heart though and would need some programming skills.

    The breakdown of tasks are as follows:
    1) create a new group in the Groups tab, configure the supervisors etc...
    2) go to the Shifts tab and create shifts, add users to each shift which adds them to the group roster as well. You can create multiple shifts per group (so one for daytime and one for off-hours in this case) and make sure the order of the members fits any rotations you want to set up.
    3) Make sure that in each shift there is an appropriate delay between the members. This makes sure that the Primary gets contacted first and only if there is no acceptable response would it run down to the next person.

    If you have questions about shifts or rotations please post them here so we can help clarify any points you are unsure of.

  • Many Thanks Francois. 

    Got some idea.

    Actually developing and integration activities for xMatters and servicenow is going on.

    One more query  --> Once an incident generated form service now - x-Matters will target the corresponding group and will make callout to primary / secondary and escalation contact numbers based upon the response.

    Once the user get assigned the incident - then xMatters will complete the process. 

    From our requirements, One group may contains approx 30+ users and the default contact numbers (Primary , secondary and escalation) and email id for a group. 

    Does it necessary that i need to add all the users belongs to the group or i can add only 5 to 6 users and will make one as group supervisor (for changing the contact numbers during location issues) ? 



  • Hi Ram,

    If you have 30+ users in ServiceNow in a group and you only want 5-6 of them to be notified yes you can do that however the sync feature of the ServiceNow integration won't be as usable. Just so you know the sync will by default bring in all users in a group and if a user is not in xMatters from that group it will likely try to add them. You just need to be mindful of that.

    There is nothing preventing you from setting 5-6 people in a group and yes we will respect that during notification. If you plan to make any kind of rotations though you will want to think about who should be in that and if you will rotate across all 30 then you may as well add them all now. As long as there is a timed delay in the shift between members you should only see the primary get messaged, wait x minutes, message the next person, wait x minutes, etc...

    If you have not seen how to insert a delay between members of a shift you can look here

  • Hi Francois,


    Thank you. Now I got a complete idea for managing shifts and setting a delay between shift members. I'm able to perform these operations in my xMatters system. Thanks again.

    One more query,

    Once service now integrated with xMatters, We know that xMatters will make an auto callout (voice, SMS, etc) to the respective groups/users. 

    An incident generated in service now, xMatters picked up the incident and trying to contact the respective contact numbers of the group updated in the system. If suppose the primary-secondary & escalation contact members have not acknowledged the call, whether xMatters will make service now to redirect the incident to a different group?

    Finally, My question is whether xMatters will be able to perform auto-assignment of incidents from one group to another group (for an unacknowledged call) in service now?


    This is also one of our requirements. 


  • Hi Ram,

    The out of box integration will not do this. You are free to make customizations to the scripts though if you like - the ServcieNow integration page provides a flow with script names as to what happens when. If you can detect when an event terminates and then check the status of the incident to see if it's still unassigned there may be an opportunity to call a different form in that case which will notify someone else. I will defer to those with greater knowledge than I to propose a potential solution but this could also be an opportunity to discuss a significant customization of the integration with your account manager and have our professional Services team help design something for you.

    The bottom line is that the default integration was not built to do such things.


  • Ram posted this same question in two places, so I'm sure he has seen Travis' response on how to use some custom steps to do this, but for anyone else that stumbles upon this...

    Here is an example of what inserting a custom script into your ServiceNow Integration, in order to do this, might look like:


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